Last week I took to Facebook Live to make an announcement about my next book I am in the process of writing called The REAL Relationship Challenge. You can watch it yourself here and discover what to do and how it feels when you’re in a REAL relationship:


As I mentioned in the video, I’ve started a new Facebook group for people who want to follow me along the book writing process. In that group, members will get to read excerpts of the book as I write it, choose colors and vote on book covers, hear about publishing deals, provide feedback and maybe even content that will make it into the book.

If you’d like to be part of the birth of a future best-seller, you can join my Facebook group here.

You may be new around here, or you may have been reading for a while. If you’ve followed my work for any period of time, you know I teach people about speaking and marketing and building a successful business, so relationships may seem like a departure, but in actuality it’s a perfect fit.

Using LinkedIn to Connect and Get Found for
More Business & Speaking Success

You see, when I teach people about speaking, I always do so from the standpoint of creating connections from the stage. When I teach business owners about using video online, it’s about using that video to create a connection. And when I talk to people about social media for getting more business, once again it’s about creating those relationships connections.

That’s why when my colleague Greig Wells, one of the foremost nationally recognized experts on using LinkedIn to create connections, put together a new training, I wanted my folks to know about it. Greig has quietly been mining gold from the “executive’s Facebook.” Now he’s packaged up his method into a new course called LinkedLoot (silly name, but it’s solid training).

I actually learned something I didn’t know before just from watching the video on the sales page. It’s not your typical sales video at all – in fact, it’s an excerpt from inside the training program. Now you may know I have long explained that meeting planners and others looking for speakers, consultants, and experts actively use LinkedIn to find you. But here’s what I didn’t realize until I watched the video:

The ONLY way for you to get found on LinkedIn is to be in the searcher’s “network” as either a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level connection.

Greig also talks about the biggest mistake most people make on LinkedIn when it comes to those connections – and no, it’s not that they don’t include a note when they want to connect. Did you know there is a lifetime limit on the number of invitations you can send to connect with others? You’ve got to see all about it and learn a great way to easily avoid topping out. Check out the video on the LinkedLoot sales page here.

Then, pick up the training for a steal of a deal. I’ve been watching it and I can tell you it solves a major problem that many of us small business owners experience: recurring income.

It’s so easy and doesn’t involve any confusing technology or complicated membership platforms you need to pay someone to figure out and manage.

Plus it helps you connect with people you are interested in and positions YOU as a leader in your market. And you’ll get the exact language to use to do it, too.

It’s very cool. I hope you’ll take a look so you can use LinkedIn as your secret weapon to getting found by the people who want to hire YOU.


  1. Watch the video above.
  2. Visit the Facebook group to join the group to be part of the birth of the REAL Relationship Challenge book.
  3. Watch the video and pick up the LinkedLoot training for less than $20 as of this post. (The extras after the initial offer are also a great deal!).
  4. Connect with me and others on LinkedIn starting today.