The Official Bio:

Felicia Slattery, Professional Speaker & Communication CoachFelicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed., is a #1 best-selling author of five books, an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning championship speaker, and has happy clients and customers in 81 countries around the world.

Featured in Success Magazine, Inc. Magazine, on the BBC, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and CNN, she is responsible for more than 8,000 presentations she has either delivered, written, coached, and/or been paid to judge in her career spanning multiple decades making more than $3.6 million with her speaking for herself and those she’s spoken for.

Felicia Slattery works with experts, entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders, small business owners, and celebrities to help them connect with people on a human level, build relationships, and enjoy more effective communication professionally and personally.

Felicia Slattery with Zig Ziglar

Felicia Slattery with Zig Ziglar

She is a popular podcast guest, in-demand speaker, and communication consultant with creativity and a heart for service. As a cancer survivor, Felicia’s enthusiastic passion for communication is contagious because she knows that one important message delivered with power can transform a life.



Now for the Fun Stuff / Wild Bio: Say “Hi Felicia!”

Professional Speaker & Communications Expert, Felicia SlatteryFelicia Slattery was raised in an unassuming, conservative blue-collar family with a quiet mother who whispered daily to a young Felicia that she could be anything she wanted when she grew up – and she believed it.

As a result, Felicia has led a life of fun, exploration, and excitement, always seeking to learn more about the world. She has spent equal time as a singer in a rock & roll band as she did in a convent – but, of course not at the same time! She’s lived and studied in Paris, France, and traveled around northern Europe meeting people from all over the world.

She knows how to say “I love you” in seven languages and loves learning about cultures and civilizations both current and ancient.

As a life-long speaker in front of groups in the hundreds, starting at age seven, she has an affinity for the spoken word and can help others to harness their own sometimes jumbled thoughts into a coherent and well-delivered message.

Felicia Slattery, Professional Speaker & Communication CoachShe’s been ranked on Rate My as a “hot” teacher back in the days when she was teaching public speaking and communication courses on college campuses around the Chicagoland area and has held many other jobs in her lifetime including make-up sales rep, pharmacy counter clerk, CD manufacturing rep, babysitter and nanny for children in the US and Paris, waitress, consultant, professional speaker, researcher, author, and story-teller. But her favorite job is hands-down Mom to her two teenage daughters and wife to her super hot former football player with an MBA turned personal trainer husband, Brent.

Felicia Slattery lives her life with energy, passion and enthusiasm because she realizes each moment is precious. After nearly losing her life during childbirth in 2004, a little more than a year later she began to put her communication and public speaking talents to use to create a positive impact on the world. She has been running her business out of her home while raising her daughters ever since.

These days Felicia Slattery speaks to group of professionals of all kinds about their communication skills and helps them develop their speaking and business relationship skills. She has shared the stage with notables and best-selling authors like Zig Ziglar, Bob Burg, Michael Port, and Carol Roth and has written and contributed to a number of books, in addition to the four she’s written herself.

Her clients have included a best-selling cookbook author from Switzerland; a Harvard-educated Ph.D. freelancer in the Philly area; a couple of celebrities from TV shows you would recognize (and probably watched!); the woman who created the “point to the face to show how you feel / is your pain a 1-10” scale; a dentistry practice with leading technologies; and countless coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers around the world. She’s been blessed to have trained and presented to people from some of the biggest Fortune 100 companies in the world.

Felicia Slattery is not only a professional speaker herself, but has helped other speakers get booked and make money as speakers themselves to share their own God-given messages with the world.

Felicia Slattery, Professional Speaker & Communication CoachFor fun Felicia sings (tenor!) in the choir at her church in Knoxville (the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus – come hear her sing at 9AM Sunday Mass the next time you’re in town!), facilitates faith formation classes at her church, volunteers with her daughter’s Girl Scouts troop, pulls weeds out of her garden, cooks all her family’s meals from scratch (as in she makes her own chili powder and grows many of their veggies and herbs from scratch!), drives her daughters everywhere they need to go, and has acted as an extra in a couple cable TV shows.

You can often find her posting fun and inspirational messages on social media and sharing more tales from her life in written and video form.

More than anything, she is grateful to God for the many countless blessings in her life, counts her work as one of the biggest of all blessings, and looks forward to serving you.


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