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Speech Building

Writing speeches and teaching public speaking platform mechanics has been at the core of Felicia’s entire teaching career. From college students through entrepreneurs, C-suite professionals, and celebrities, Felicia has worked with thousands of people to develop amazing presentations – whether long or short, including the pieces to go with those presentations (slides, handouts, visual aids, etc.).

Business Building

Even if you want to get paid to show up to speak, or coach, or consult, or do what you do and YOU LOVE IT – you’re leaving A LOT of money on the table if you don’t develop an information-based business to support your time-for-dollars efforts. Using her expertise gained from her Master’s degree in Adult Education and Training and her experience of creating effective and profitable information products, Felicia can help you determine what you should create to serve as many people as possible.

Marketing It All

Just because you build it, doesn’t mean anyone is ever going to show up. You need to get booked to speak, and people to buy your information products. Combining content marketing techniques and direct response marketing techniques, Felicia will help you develop creative, innovative, and effective marketing tools that get you the results your hard effort deserves.

Here’s What Felicia’s Past Clients Have to Say:

“In the shortest time imaginable,
my whole brand and persona came together!”
~ Angela Sutcliffe

“My first speech while working with Felicia
brought me 5 figures!”
~ Tassey Russo

“The number one word that comes to mind is ‘generous.’
With your time, your knowledge, and your creativity.”
~ Alfred Poor

“Felicia is about FAR more than simply speaking!”
~ Shelley Hitz