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The 20th century brought with it many social changes with regard to roles of men and women, technology, work, and more. Beyond that, the Catholic church in the United States is experiencing a real challenge. According to Sherri Weddell in her book Intentional Disciples:

  • Only 30 percent of Americans who were raised Catholic are still practicing (p. 24).
  • 10 percent of all adults in America are ex-Catholics (p. 25).
  • Nearly 80 percent of cradle Catholics are no longer Catholic by the age of 23 (p. 33).

How to bring people to church? Father James Mallon in his book, Divine Renovation, asserts “hymns, homilies, and hospitality are key to the weekend experience” for most parishioners and guests as well (p. 118).

Amid all the work done in a neighborhood parish, “none is as vital or as community-forming as the Sunday celebration of the Lord’s Day.”

—Pope Saint John Paul II

Help for Homilies

As a priest, one of the most visible parts of your job is to prepare and present a homily for Mass. One of the best ways to evangelize and welcome newcomers to the church is through a meaningful and moving homily. But what if you don’t feel like you are a “born speaker?” I have good news (lower case – you already know the upper case Good News!): no one is a “born speaker.” Learning how to create and deliver homilies that inspire and educate is like any other skill – like driving a car or riding a bike. If you need help with how to prepare or practice your homilies, I can help. I’ve professionally trained and coached speakers of all kinds since 1995, including at the collegiate level.


Building Stronger Marriages
Builds a Stronger Church and Stronger Society

Presentation for Your Parish:

How to Make Your Spouse Fall in Love with You All Over Again — for a Lifetime —
No Matter How Busy You Are or Disconnected You Now Feel

Each local Catholic church usually requires some kind of pre-marriage training, whether that includes a one-time meeting with a priest, a weekend retreat, or a longer process. While that’s certainly an important requirement, the challenge is, at that stage of course the couple isn’t married yet and often has NO IDEA what they are getting themselves into. Just ask anyone who’s been married for more than 20 minutes!

After couples are married, and kids enter the family, suddenly life becomes much busier and more hectic than they ever imagined. At just the time they need to lean on each other – and the church – husbands and wives can feel isolated, like two ships passing in the night. That can lead to loneliness and a sense of “growing apart.” After the kids grow up and leave, sadly in some cases, that also signals the end of the marriage because the couple doesn’t feel connected any longer.

It’s during the busiest times of our lives when we need the most support from our spouse and help navigating the demanding waters of marriage, work, family, and all our responsibilities. This fun, eye-opening, and helpful presentation will allow married couples to:

  • Discover ways to improve their relationships without saying a word using non-verbal communication
  • Tips for staying close and feeling loved throughout the craziness of life
  • How to use technology to stay fulfilled and connected, rather than isolated
  • Understand each other’s love language and how to speak the love language of their spouse
  • How to develop a R.E.A.L. relationship amid the tumultuous times we live in today
  • And so much more!

Open to be delivered to couples, women’s or men’s only groups, or a mixed group. Activities will vary depending on your group.


Daily Business Meeting with God by Felicia SlatteryYour Daily Business Meeting With God

“Entrust your plans to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.”

~ Proverbs 16:3

Practicing our faith goes far beyond the weekend liturgical obligation. In this presentation perfect for your St. Joseph Ministry or any other professional group of Christians, you’ll discover how to allow the Holy Spirit into your work day, each and every day, along with each of the 10 agenda items in this most critical meeting. Surrender starts here.