Local Celebrity Blueprint

Exclusively for business owners who want to stand out in your local community – and become known as the go-to person for what you do by gaining Local Celebrity Status. With this up-to-date training, you’ll learn exactly how to use FREE tools available to business owners to become a celebrity in your own town to grow your business. Click here for details!

Professional Speaker One SheetsSpeaker One Sheet Templates

Finally: simple, fast, easily customized speaker one-sheet templates so you can market your speaking business like a pro even if you know nothing about graphic design! Beyond a speaking one-sheet use this same template to create a podcast guest one-sheet, newsletters, testimonial sheet, and more. Click here for details!

Professional Speaker ContractsSpeaker Contract Templates

Created for speakers who want to communicate your professionalism and cover all the bases when sending a contract, also known as a letter of agreement, to speaking clients. With this set of templates, you’ll stop having to guess what to put in your contracts, don’t worry about trying to modify something you randomly find online not even related to our business, or have to hire an expensive lawyer to write all your speaking contracts from scratch. Click here for details!

Speaker Marketing Checklist Bundle

The Speaker Checklist Bundle is exclusively for speakers – both long-time professionals doing a refresh of your marketing or emerging speakers just getting together your marketing materials.

With this set of instructive checklists, you’ll learn exactly what needs to be included in each of your marketing tools so you look like a true professional and will optimize your opportunity to speak.

To make it even easier for you to use, implement, and track your results, each checklist can be viewed in PDF format or printed separately. Only use the ones you need in that moment…no more wasted paper or ink printing dozens of pages you won’t use yet.

And the best part is, no matter where you are at in your public speaking journey, these checklists will guide you towards the path of marketing success. Access link coming soon!

Killer Keynote Template and Training

A keynote speech is THE speech that makes YOU the headliner of an event. With this template and training, you’ll learn exactly how to construct your “killer keynote” speech so you look like a true professional and will optimize your opportunity to speak. Access link coming soon!

Credibility & Cash FlowCredibility and Cash Flow Bundle

Speakers: Leverage FREE social media to boost your credibility and get hired to speak. Tweak what you’re already spending time doing anyway and you’ll see your credibility — and your bank account — SKYROCKET! Click here for details!

Dream Client Discovery Bundle

Whether you’re a seasoned speaker looking get more gigs by entering a new market, or an emerging speaker just getting started and needing your best first step. This is it. With this training on exactly how to know who your ideal clients are, what they look like, and what’s important to them, you can craft your marketing messages to communicate with them in any way you want: from stage, on podcasts, via webinars, in blog posts, on sales pages, through email and so much more. AND THEY HEAR YOU! Click here for details!

C4 FormulaC4 Formula for Success

If you’re trying to run a business from home and you’re feeling stuck and wondering what others know that you don’t to be successful, this is for you. You’ll Feel More Confident and Boost Your Credibility Online in 7 Days or Less to Bring in More Cash, More Customers and Create Raving Fans with My Never-Before Revealed Secret Formula! With a few simple tweaks — and not a lot of effort — you CAN achieve success using this formula. Click here for details!

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