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Kudos to Professional Speaker Felicia SlatteryFelicia has helped me completely transform my business and my future. I hired her to coach me with building my speaking career and to create an online informational products business. She has knowledge and experience that teaches you how to maximize your business in a minimal amount of time. If you are not motivated and excited by her energy and enthusiasm, you need to see your doctor. She is a connector, teacher, motivator and just a fabulous resource that delivers over and above customer service! I can’t recommend her highly enough – only 4 months later I have two new online products and so many opportunities, I can hardly keep up with them all.

Brian Basilico, Online Marketing Strategist

Kudos to Speaking Coach Felicia SlatteryFelicia coached and helped me improve my public speaking and networking expertise. She honed my presentations by focusing on what the audience wanted to hear so they would be engaged and ‘get it’. Felicia’s expertise and support have given me more confidence as I speak and network. She gave me very simple yet brilliant tips on how to connect with my audience. I recommend Felicia often to my fellow entrepreneurs who want to grow their business by public speaking. I also appreciate that Felicia ‘gets’ us smaller small business owners.

Sue Kramer Harrawood

Kudos to Speaking Coach Felicia SlatteryFelicia Slattery is a consummate professional, great at what she does and is fun to work with! She has helped me put together a marketing plan to help my client, and me, she has also helped me with my Signature Speech to market and communicate my company’s services and she supports you incredibly well. I HIGHLY recommend her services if you want a “communications transformation,” to get a better marketing plan for your business and grow your client base.

John Allen Mollenhauer

Kudos to Business Coach Felicia SlatteryWhen I became a private client of Felicia’s, my business was in turmoil. I was trying to determine exactly what to do and how to go about doing it. In the time I have been working with Felicia, my business has gone through a complete overhaul, and I have never been happier!

I am seeing results I thought I’d never see. I am so thankful I found Felicia. Her communication skills are superlative and she is so supportive and motivating!

She took time to really get to know me and understand where I was coming from and where I wanted to be and has worked with me every step of the way!

Not only does Felicia coach me on my business, she works with me on a personal level as well, because we all know that personal issues affect our professional issues.

If I could have picked more than three attributes for her, I would have picked all of the above: Great Results, Personable, Expert, Good Value, On Time, High Integrity and Creative! She has shown ALL of these to me during our time together!

I plan on working with Felicia for a long time to come!

Anita Bruton
Alfred Poor

Kudos to Speaking Coach Felicia SlatteryFelicia is the absolute best when it comes to helping you build your speaking business. Not only does she have a ton of creative ideas based on well-tested techniques and the latest cutting edge strategies, her own speaking business provides an excellent model to follow. She definitely “walks the walk.”

Benecia Ponder

Kudos to Speaking Coach Felicia SlatteryIf you are looking for someone to help you build a career as a professional speaker, Felicia is the real deal. She actually practices what she preaches. She teaches you stuff that works NOW not 30 years ago. If you get the opportunity to work with her JUMP on it.

DeAnna Troupe

Kudos to Speaking Coach Felicia SlatteryAll I can say about Felicia is that she is the best! After the first session I spent with her — I was energetic, ready to go, and more organized than I have been since high school! She not only helped me with some great ideas, she is helping hold me accountable for implementing them. I highly recommend Felicia Slattery for all your communication needs. In fact, she is so great, that she is even helping me by providing referrals… this is an added bonus that I didn’t expect… Thanks Felicia – and please keep up the great work!

John Collier

Kudos to Speaking Coach Felicia SlatteryFelicia Slattery is absolutely amazing! I have learned so much from her in so many ways. I am currently in a group coaching program of hers and she has already shared so many tips and ideas to help me grow my business! She is great at keeping you accountable and clearly explains the concepts that she teaches. Communication is the key to so many areas of business. With Felicia’s help, you will be able to communicate even more effectively!

Rebekah Zobel Jones

Kudos to Business Coach Felicia SlatteryFelicia is an exceptional, dedicated, and a highly professional coach. Her education and style, coupled with her coaching certifications, makes her unique. I guarantee you won’t find many professional communication coaches like her! Felicia has the ability to see the big picture and motivate people, but she also truly cares about other people.

Lisa Wells

Kudos to Business Coach Felicia SlatteryFelicia Slattery is a dynamo and I am proud to know her and highly recommend her. She is professional, knowledgeable and faithful to her word which is truly refreshing. Felicia’s passion for helping others transform their lives through communication comes through in all she does. From her writing, to public speaking, to training others reach new levels in life, Felicia shares this passion in a genuine, humorous and intelligent way. If you have an opportunity to work with Felicia in any way, DO NOT pass it up.

Bille Baty

Kudos to Business Coach Felicia SlatteryHoly friggin SMOKES to the MAX times 50 TRILLION!! This is beyond AWESOME, Felicia! (It’s so good you even got me to say “to the MAX” like we’re back in the 90’s or something!!)

The amazing AWESOME that is Felicia Slattery is IMMEASURABLE!! Flat out INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Felicia!! Well done, Super Girl!!!”

Jason Oman, best-selling author of Conversations with Millionaires