Speaking Testimonials

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Kind Words from Meeting Planners

I’ve known Felicia Slattery since she was teaching in college and while I never got to take a course with her she keeps educating me every day. Smile Felicia because you always light up the room at my events. What’s even better you always light up lives as you give people the voice to achieve their dreams. I personally can’t wait to hear your presentations at my events!

Ken McArthur, event organizer

Huge shout out to Felicia Slattery who did an amazing speech today for our group! Love her energy and enthusiasm! Total rockstar of course! Thank you so much!

Nicole Tudisco, Chicago Magazine Top Realtor and Event Host

Felicia gave a fantastic keynote speech! I highly recommend her for any event! An enthusiastic and motivating speaker!

Pam Ivey, IVAA

Kudos to Professional Speaker Felicia SlatteryIn researching for keynote speakers for IVAA’s Live Summit, several names were brought up, but one stood out over and above the rest – Felicia Slattery. Her warmth exudes, and her dedication is infectious. She’s an excellent resource, and I fully recommend her as a keynote speaker because she’ll bring a new perspective to your organization.

Dana Fortier

Anna Campbell, Women Business Owners

Kind Words from Audience Members

Kudos to Professional Speaker Felicia SlatteryI have known Felicia for many years now and how been privileged to hear her speak on many occasions. She engages you with her smile but her laser like focus on the task at hand-strategic communication-will disarm you until you realize that her ideas are easy to adapt to your personal development. Felicia will not overwhelm you with information but will gently guide the listener to want to change-to grow. I highly recommend Felicia as a personal speaker and motivational coach.

Kathryn Hoffman

Today’s presentation at the CEO series was great! Felicia Slattery is an exceptionally talented speaker and communicator who’s presentation resonated with me and many others!

Kei Narimatsu

Great presentation from Felicia Slattery today! Incredible value and information!

Bryan Regnier

Felicia, I LOVE your Kill the Elevator Speech. It was different, entertaining, educational, and inspiring all rolled into one delicious package!  Congratulations on a stellar keynote!

Dr. Ellen Britt

What a joy it was to hear Felicia Slattery speak. Positive, no nonsense, and down to earth.

Eric Madsen

Kudos to Professional Speaker Felicia SlatteryFelicia, Your presentation was grrreat! Apologies if we were too busy complimenting you effusively at the end to tell you specifically what we’d enjoyed – it was all excellent! Your teleclass delivered nuggets of pure gold – practical information presented in a logical and uncomplicated way. I love that we could go away and implement your suggestions straightaway. This was invaluable for our new coaches who too often think that increasing their credibility requires expensive websites or yet more financial outlay.

Marion Ryan BA Hons, Business Coach, Scotland

I was sitting there at this event minding my own business when someone invaded my brain space. This person was teaching a breakout session and I quickly realized she knew a secret to public speaking. Felicia Slattery was the speaker that day and she spoke right to the core of successful presenting and platform speaking. Most importantly her methodology for public speaking can easily be applied to sales videos, video and podcast broadcasts, stage, webinars, board room meetings, sales calls, and more.

Bob Yeager

As a former University English and speech communications professor, I heartily endorse Felicia Slattery’s practical down to earth yet extremely comprehensive training, speaking and coaching!

Lawrence J. Clark

You are AWESOME Felicia! Your presentation was so cool 🙂

Marian LaSalle

I LOVE this Felicia! I’ve heard you speak on teleseminars but I have never actually seen you speak in person until today and my, you are goooood! As clear and personable (and attractive) as I imagined. Great tips! Thank you!

Janine Gregor

The event was emceed by Felicia Slattery. I’ll tell you what… Felicia is truly one of those people who can impact a room in 2 minutes! She’s a speaker herself, but she’s also a speaker coach.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a speaker yourself… or you’re just wanting to improve upon what you’ve got going as a speaker… connect with Felicia. She’s the real deal! She offered me a few pieces of wisdom that were priceless. More importantly, she offered me some specific encouragement that got all the way down to my DNA.

So again… I’d WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend connecting with her to take your speaking game to the next level! Plus, be on the look out for her. She has some books coming out soon that will make a big splash and bless a whole lot of people!

Mitch Matthews

Kudos to Professional Speaker Felicia SlatteryI love hearing Felicia speak. Her energy and passion are very contagious and she speaks from the heart. Felicia has helped me take my average marketing and business message and make it extraordinaire. I love watching client’s reactions (and sales) when I implement her suggestions.

Starla Snead, Engaging, Energetic Artist & Educator