"What If You Could Get Permanently Un-Stuck?

Imagine Being Able to Have Direct Access to Me to Answer Your Exact Questions to Overcome Every Obstacle  - Forever!"

Watch this video from one of Felicia's clients who has a message for YOU
about building your business using speaking and excellent communication.

You should know by now that I'm ALL about transforming your life through better communication!

If you've been wishing you could get affordable and personal guidance directly from ME (not my staff, my team, an autoresponder or a product) you will want to read every word on this page. 

"Felicia, if I could just ask you a couple questions, I know you'll have a fabulous solution!"

After all, I have been a professional speaker and trainer for decades and have taught thousands of people around the world to be successful at building profitable businesses that they LOVE based around speaking as well. It's what I love to do!

Plus, I'm the only person that I know of who has the whole package: actual, certified expertise - as in not one but TWO master's degrees - one in communication and the other in adult education and training - was a college professor of public speaking and communication PLUS has TWO Amazon #1 best-selling books published AND has a background in marketing and sales... I mean you just won't find that rare combination anywhere else. On top of that, I've taken people who had businesses doing hard, long hours of service work, to working fewer hours, making more money, and thriving doing the work they love best; created lasting and profitable brands from scratch; and seen more clients than I can count go on to live their dreams of being on stages or webinars, sharing THEIR messages.

Oh - and did I mention the mere 8,000 and counting speeches I've personally either written, coached, critiqued or delivered? Or the more than 300 webinars or more than 100 podcasts I've been interviewed on? Or the more than $3.6 million dollars I've made for myself and the organizations I've spoken for and done sales for over the years?

But this isn't about me. It's about YOU.

Are you:

  • Wanting help from someone that has already achieved the goals you have for yourself?
  • Stuck trying to figure out an idea for your speech?
  • "Almost" done with your speech, but it's been months with zero progress?
  • Overwhelmed with branding yourself in a sea of other speakers and people who do what you do?
  • Confused by all the ways you can get your message out?
  • Frustrated that everyone seems to be jumping on live video, but you don't even have a clue what to say?
  • Worried that you've got to do it ALL yourself and it feels like SO much?

What about your business goals? Are you:

  • Wondering about what to do with your speech after you write it?
  • Curious about how to create training and products people want to buy based on your speech?
  • Wanting to know the real secrets to running a successful, profitable 6-figure speaking business from home?

If You Answered "Yes" to Any of the Above Questions, You're In Luck!
I Created Your Solution.

It's called my Lifetime Email Coaching program. And you get exactly what the name implies: a LIFETIME of coaching. Answers to your questions. By email. From me. Boom. Mic drop. (Because isn't that what we speakers do?! LOL) 

This program was created for experts, authors, and speakers - or aspiring speakers - who want to get in front of more audiences, share your knowledge and your message, get on stages (both live and virtual) and make more money by building a thriving business.

Signing up for Lifetime Email Coaching with Felicia is one of the wisest investments you can make in your speaking and business career! Why? Because LIFETIME EMAIL COACHING is just that - lifetime access to me via email as long as both of us are still living and breathing on Planet Earth!


Here's what Lifetime Email Coaching Will Do for You:

Almost Instant

All your pressing questions will be answered via email Monday-Friday, minus holidays. You'll receive your answers within 24 hours (to give me time to get off a plane when I'm traveling to speak and be able to think so you get the best response!)

Answers to Specific

You'll get answers to any specific questions you have, when you have them. If you have crazy big questions like "how do I get paid to speak" I'll be directing you to one of my books or training programs, but if you ask specific questions, you'll get specific actionable answers that will help you achieve your goals.

The Kind of Help You Need - Forever

As long as I'm still alive and you're still alive, I'll answer your questions that you think of day or night, 24 hours a day, like the questions that haunt you in the middle of the night: fire off any question you have to me, go back to sleep soundly and you'll get your answer the next day.

Honest Feedback

Want to know if your speech attention-getter sounds awesome or stinks? I'll tell you the truth. I'll also let you know how to take your ideas and improve on them so you
maximize your income and impact.

Inspiration and

When you're feeling low, or ready to quit, I'll be there for you, in your inbox, ready to cheer you on, and help you feel like you CAN do this. Clients tell me this is invaluable!

Resources and Links

If you don't know how to do something, don't spend hours searching the internet. I likely already have a resource to share with you. Ask me first. I'll point you in the right
direction and save you tons of time and money.

What Should You Ask Me?

I get ALL SORTS of questions regularly from my clients. Here are a few example of questions I've recently received:

"I was just contacted by this meeting
planner and they want to know what I charge. What do I say?"

"I was thinking of offering my audience a
freebie at the end of my talk. Do you like this idea for that?"

"I want to start a networking group in my area and I don't know what to call it. Based on what I want to do, can you give me any suggestions?"

"I'm afraid to narrow down my niche too much. Do you think I'll find any audiences of people like that who I can help and build my business around?"

No Question Is Off Limits!

Ask me anything like:

  • What's your fastest path to cash based on what you already have, do and know?
  • How to come up with ideas for books, webinars, workshops, training, speeches and more...
  • How to turn your speech into a book or your book into a speech -- and then how to turn THAT into a training program to maximize your profits and cash from every speech, book, and program you create
  • Tips and tricks for better productivity, and building your business faster and smarter
  • How to build a virtual team of people around you so you can focus on what you do best and let the others handle the rest
  • How to search for places to speak that will be ideal for you and what you can provide an audience
  • How to tell if a international speaking offer from a foreign country is a scam or for real
  • Where to find graphics, royalty-free / public domain images and music and videos that you can use in your PowerPoint slides, videos, training, products, and more
  • How to turn speaking into a sustainable monthly income without having to live in airports and hotels hundreds of days a year
  • How to win a speech competition
  • What props, gestures, gags, and interactive activities you can add to your speaking and videos that audiences will LOVE about you
  • How to brand yourself using social media so people see you as THE person they need to know in your niche
  • How to get in front of meeting planners and get invited to speak...
  • And on... and on... and on...

If you're thinking of buying a product, training or course, or want to hire someone to help with anything, run it by me for my thoughts. I could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If I don't know the answer to your question, I won't make something up just to look good. I'll tell you I don't know and point you in the direction of an expert from my personal connections or to a resource that I know for sure will help you.

Let me be your new Google!

I can say with confidence that after decades of teaching speaking and building a thriving 6-figure business, there isn't much about speaking or building a successful business that I won't be able to answer (if anything) that can't shorten your learning curve dramatically or help you avoid critical mistakes. But if I don't know the answer, I have friends who will, and I'll ask them on your behalf!

This is my "You Are Never Left Hanging" Promise and Guarantee!


Important: There Are Rules

Don't worry, these are more "goes without saying" kinds of things, but I want us both to be clear on what our expectations are. So here are the guidelines of the Lifetime Email Coaching with Felicia program:

  • Send me one question each day, Monday through Friday. If you send me more than one question, I’ll only answer the first one. I’ve found when I take the time to answer more than one question per day, you easily get overwhelmed and confused. Let's totally avoid that. Remember, there's always tomorrow!
  •  Holidays and weekends are off. This includes all federal bank holidays like President’s Day, Memorial Day, etc., as well as Christian religious holidays like Christmas Eve and Good Friday. We’ll have plenty to cover, and have the rest of our lives to do so!
  • You'll have your answer in 24 hours. Don't re-send your message 2 hours later asking for an answer. I have time set aside for you and I promise I WILL respond when I'm able to thoughtfully give you an answer instead of rushing just to get it done fast. (Also remember, if you send me an email on Friday at 4 PM, you won't hear from me until Monday at 4 PM.)
  •  Content of your questions is totally up to you. It can be advice on speaking, delivery of presentations, marketing, business, work-life balance… nothing is off-limits. While I’m not a super techie, I have access to some super-techies on staff and will answer those types of questions the best I can with help from them. Keep in mind generic questions like “How do I make money speaking?” are broad and I may point you resources like my "21 Ways to Make Money Speaking" book to read first.
  •  The more specific your questions, the faster you’ll see results. For a better use of our time, make your questions specific and realistic.
  •  I’ll always answer with my best advice, guidelines, and resources. You will always get the answer I feel will benefit you best. (Note: some of these resources may be more in-depth training courses that will help you better than I can with answering just one question and I may receive a commission for recommending those resources. I will ONLY refer you to resources that I would use or have used myself.)
  •  Implement the changes and suggestions I make. Work at your own pace. Don’t worry, more questions will naturally come up as you implement strategies I give you, so that’s why you’ll get to…
  •  Rinse and repeat!

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect?

Here's what a few of my Lifetime Email Coaching Clients Have to Say:

"You've Always Gone Above and Beyond!"

"I just want you to know how much I’ve appreciated and benefited from all of your business insights and marketing savvy over the past year. Not only are you an inspiration and a role model, as a business woman, but you are also a generous and caring person.

You’ve always gone above and beyond to believe in me, encourage and inspire me!"

Deb DiSandro

"Good Stuff!"

"Leave it to the coach ask more questions.... good stuff. It took some time to get this down. That alone is a good exercise. Thanks."

Art Remnet

"Lets Me Make Minor Course Corrections!"

"Wanted to say thanks this morning for you being there. Being able to send questions lets me make minor course corrections periodically instead of major changes infrequently."

Ron Nutter

Ready to Get Started?

Me too... almost... but hang on there, hot stuff...

Before you go click the happy “Buy” button below, I need to be honest with you. I’m not interested in working with people who don’t want to see results, and who have unrealistic expectations. 

You have to be willing to invest your time in your speaking and business success. Not every piece of advice or tool I refer to you will be free. This is a business and, like any business, has expenses. While I know how to build a speaking business on a shoestring budget because I did it, I also know what it takes to be successful in this business and won't let you buy a bunch of cheapo junk just because it's cheap. I want you to succeed. Not buy a bunch of garbage that turns out to be useless.

So I’m going to ask you two very important questions… and I want you to be honest with yourself:


Question #1: Do you WANT to be a Successful Speaker and
Build a Thriving Speakerpreneur Business?


Question #2: Or are you happy being in the same place you are now,
six months or even a year from now?

If you answered YES to question #1, AWESOME! Let's get this party started! If you answered Yes to question #2, come back in a year when you're ready to move forward and share your message with the world. But remember, I only have so many hours in the day and lifetime means lifetime, so this offer may not even be available then.

We may not know each other personally - or even from Facebook! - but if you've read this far,
I know one thing about you:

You are serious about finally making money with your speaking,
getting your message out there, and
serving the world with your unique, God-given gifts.

So now there's only one more question:

How Much Is It Worth to You to Have a Solid Answer to ANY
of Your Biggest Questions - Pretty Much On Demand - When You Need it Most?

Good question, right? But think about it. How much is it to have a direct line to me, literally in your pocket (with the email app on your phone), when you need my help the most? How much is it worth to you to stop getting stuck, stop beating your head against a wall of uncertainty, bust through procrastination, and finally, FINALLY see your speaking dreams become a reality? 

How much is it worth it to have an internationally-acclaimed, world known expert speaker and multiple #1 best-selling author personally answer YOUR questions. How much is it worth it to get to tap into the knowledge of someone who last year alone invested more than $20K in her own business education and systems to stay up-to-date and contineu to create success?

 This Lifetime email Coaching Program includes everything outlined on this page. And it's only $4997, one time. I could easily charge $20,000 for lifetime access to my brain (there are other speaker coaches who do!). And now is your chance to never ever pay anything else to have me answer your emailed quesitons ... FOR LIFE.

BUT - for a VERY limited time, because I am announcing this program for the first and MAYBE LAST time if all the spots get taken -- you can jump on board for


Let's pretend you only do this for a year - that comes to less than $4 a DAY. Seriously?! How much do you pay for fancy coffee every day? Or for lunch at a fast food joint? You get to email me whenever you want for LESS than it'd be to take me out for a cup of coffee!!

And -- if you want to make it extra easy on your wallet, you can even choose a
2-payment plan for only $547 each payment.

We are only making this available for 20 people - MAXIMUM. Otherwise I could be working in email all day long and as much as I LOVE my clients, I have a business to run, too! So HURRY and sign up for this RIGHT NOW.


Get Lifetime Email Coaching Access to Felicia Slattery
Normally $10,000.00,
For The Next Few Days,
Your Investment is

ONLY $997

OR - if you'd like to spread out the cash flow a little, here's a second option for a payment plan with
two payments of just $547 each.

Due to the nature of this program, there are absolutely no refunds available. 

That's all there is to it!

You may notice I don't have all kinds of crazy marketing tactics I'm pulling here. Either you want to work with someone with my abilities and accomplishments plus you see the value in having direct access to me - or you don't. Either way, I wish you all the luck, success, and happiness in the world. No arm-twisting needed. :-) 

So now is the time to take action. It's your time to shine?


Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed.

P.S. Typos are always free. They're my little gift to you to see if you're paying attention. If you're reading closely enough to find a typo, that's good news and maybe I did it strategically ;-)

Answers Already!?! Yep. That's how I roll.

Q: Who Is This Program For?
A: I know this isn't for everyone. That's why I offer several options, including training and consulting through face-to-face coaching, a multitude of courses, and more. It's also why I'm only accepting 20 people into this program at this rate. It's a specialized PRIVATE coaching option between you and me - this is not group coaching. If you want the things I decsribe on this page, then click the button above and let's get rolling now!

Q: But what if "be a speaker" isn't my end-all be-all goal? Can you still help me?
A: Watch that video above again. The one at the top of this page. And then let me ask you this: have you ever been to a burger joint or steak restaurant and ordered chicken or fish or even an entree salad and found out it was AMAZING and just as good as the steak that everyone sizzles about and the place is known for? Or maybe you go in for the burger, but the fries and the milkshake make the meal. Yeah... everyone has. Well... think of me and public speaking training like THAT. My clients come in to see what the sizzle is all about (public speaking) and keep coming back - FOR YEARS - because the menu is so darn good and consistent. I'll help you with SO MUCH MORE than speaking including: branding, copywriting, social media, your website, writing book(s), storytelling in your marketing, direct mail campaigns, persuasive sales techniques, tools you can use to make running your business easier and more.

Q: Is the Program Always $10,000?
A: Yes, after the introductory period of the next 3 days, it will STILL be a bargain at $10,000 to have a LIFETIME of coaching from me, as in FOREVER, for as long as we both shall live. It's like getting married, but cheaper, and never having to worry about getting divorced because I'll always love you!

Q: What If I Need to Talk to You By Phone?
A: This program is a Lifetime of EMAIL Coaching, meaning all our interactions are via email as described on this page. If you want access to phone support, there is an additional charge under another program. Feel free to ask about it after you've registered for this.

Q: When Can I Ask My First Question?
A: As soon as you click that button above and get to the "Woo-Hoo You're In" page with your own super-secret email address we have set up JUST for you in this program. (Note: I am trusting you to honor our agreement and to NEVER share this email address with anyone. Ever. And not to opt me into ANYTHING. Ever.)

Q: Can I Get My Money Back or Is There a Guarantee?
A: The only thing I'll guarantee is that I'll respond to your emails as I promise in this message, unless there happen to be circumstances beyond my control (remember 9/11 when the whole world went down??). Due to the nature of this program, there are absolutely no refunds available. Additionally, I cannot guarantee you’ll make any money or get on any stages as a result of this coaching program. Individual results depend on the client and other issues that I have no control over. Additionally, if you sign up under the 2-pay option and don’t complete each payment as scheduled you will be removed from access to both me and this coaching program.


Copyright © 2016-2018. Felicia Slattery| Communication Transformation

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