(And you’ll notice- even though this video has a black bar on either side – something funky in the technical parts – it still works fine! Remember… getting it done so you can get out your message and help more people doesn’t mean obsessing until everything is perfect!!)

Dear Friend,

If you watched the video above you saw an example of what we’re talking about here: What’s known in the industry as “Direct to Camera” or “Talking Head” videos that speak directly to your viewer and engage your audience in the most powerful way available to you online today.

Here’s why you want a “Direct to Camera Talking Head” video:

Face-to-Face communication is MOST powerful.

Face-to-Face communication creates GREATEST levels of intimacy (remember that “know, like and trust” factor!)

Done well…. talking head videos are how you create intimacy online.

The Problem? You Might *THINK* You’re Good on Video …

But in Reality? (Yikes…)

Once at a networking event, I met a local video producer who gave me his card. I visited his website where he had samples of “direct to camera” promotional videos he made of his clients showing some of his best work. As a video producer, the guy clearly knew his stuff. He shot video of his clients in their offices or places of business appropriate for what they do for a living. The lighting was spot-on. Camera work, flawless. He even had some nice graphics embedded inside the video.

On the surface all looked well and professional. But then, well, you hit “play” and ut-oh… these poor folks…

  • Looked stilted and uncomfortable in front of the camera.
  • Were OBVIOUSLY and poorly reading the script provided to them.
  • The script was written in words ok for paper, but were not appropriate as one person speaking to another.

Is that the kind of image you want your clients to see of you? I didn’t think so.

I bet you’d rather:

  • Look confident and feel confident in your “direct to camera” videos.
  • Present a unique message that’s all your own.
  • Speak comfortably and naturally, like you’re sitting down and having a cup of coffee with your viewers.
  • Offer an effective call to action that makes your clients take the next step you want them to make.
  • Allow your true personality to shine on video so you get full benefit of that “know, like, and trust” factor working for you!
speaking on video is increasing

Video is increasing globally more and more each year.

According to global Internet tech giant Cisco Systems there are a few facts about online video you need to know for your small business:

  • Globally, Internet video traffic will be 54 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016.
  • Video was more than 50% of global consumer Internet traffic by year-end 2011.
  • The sum of all forms of video (TV, video on demand [VoD], Internet, and P2P) will be approximately 86 percent of global consumer traffic by 2016.

Those stats mean if you’re NOT using video for your business, you’re leaving a lot of opportunity – and money – on the table. And that’s a shame when it’s so easy!

In fact. here are just a FEW of the ways you can use a direct to camera video for your business:

  • List-building– use video as a tool to bring in more qualified potential clients hungry for your content.
  • Credibility– let your competence, character and charisma shine on camera so potential clients see you know your stuff and can help them.
  • Promotion- share what’s new and exciting in your business with your current, past and potential clients to continue the cash flow.
  • Visibility- when your potential clients “see you everywhere” that’s no accident and video allows you to do that powerfully.
  • Cash Generator- use video on your sales pages and watch the money start rolling in as people connect with you directly as you speak to them.


Enter your solution:

Speaking on Video course


Here’s what you get with the program:

  • How to feel a sense of Confidence on Camera that will have your prospects hanging on every word you say.
  • Exactly how to avoid the ums, ahs and verbal crutches you may not may not even realize you use so your message will get through loud and clear.
  • What to do and say to look like a NATURAL on video so your credibility shines and money flows to you.
  • The steps to creating rapport with your audience directly through the camera and into their hearts and minds so they are excited about hearing from you and working with you.
  • Pre-Boot Camp prep – so you’re ready to make the MOST out of your video-making time.
  • Facebook support group: post videos there, get likes, get comments, folks will share; ask questions, get opinions and help like never before.
  • Make AT MINIMUM 3 videos during the program all working for your business.
  • Get feedback from Felicia and group members on your scripts, outlines, and plans so you know that your words truly reflect your authentic message.
  • Get feedback from Felicia and group members on nonverbal aspects of your videos so that your audience will not be distracted, but mesmerized by your message.
  • Three group training & implementation feedback sessions to keep you right on track.
  • Group accountability so you can’t help but be successful in getting it done.
  • Your videos critiqued by Felicia. Please understand I will tell you the TRUTH in a rip-the-band-aid off kinda way. Even if you don’t like me much after what I tell you, you’ll LOVE me for being honest.

Great class tody! I learned so many tips and techniques about speaking on video I can use right away! Mary Riposo


Testimonial for Felicia Slattery’s Teaching about Video:

“I’m making more money than I have ever made!”

bob langys picture“Hi Felicia,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say Thank You again. I’m here in Huntsville, Alabama at a training event for my new company and in talking to another person here I realize that I was hired because of the video work that I did on YouTube. If you had not taught me about doing video work and encouraged me to just give it a chance, I would not be here in this really great job today. I’m making more money than I have ever made and I have a job that I really enjoy. It’s awesome. There are just a few people who I can thank for this – you, Brian Tracy, and a friend that introduced me to Brian Tracy to get me started.
Thanks again – I really appreciate it!”

– Bob Langys, Telecom Services Sales Representative

But even more than all that… you’ll REALLY get:

Strategy – not willy-nilly video making!
Communication, marketing & presentation skills to take you through your LIFETIME!
A direct line to help… no sifting through stuff, no more wasting time!
A way to make money NOW!
Fun and feeling great about yourself!

BIG Bonus Time!


This is a BIG one. The first group of business owners who went through this program LOVED this bonus. You’ll work with me privately – just you and me on the phone for a full 30 minutes – to help you CREATE A PLAN so your videos aren’t just willy nilly out there, but are actually part of your overall marketing communication plan and structure.


Big Bonus #2: Making a Living From YouTube Videos

After I announced this class on Twitter, one of my customers and friends, “Captain” Rob Lee of Pirate Lifestyle TV got Captain Rob Lee Pirate Lifestyle TV and Felicia SlatterySO excited about what we’ll be doing he offered to share his own expertise. Cap’n Rob has built an entire business around making simple “direct to camera” style talking head videos and posting them on YouTube. In fact, Google, who owns YouTube, recently flew him out there to see all the new and cool things going on. And lucky you – he agreed to tell you exactly how he does it!

This bonus will be a real treat because despite Cap’n Rob having over 100 talking head type videos loaded on YouTube, with more than 4,000 subscribers to his channel and almost 200,000 views he has NEVER granted an interview like this. Ever. Until now.

I spent some time with him on the beautiful beach in his video not long ago talking about video and he has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Cap’n Rob’s market is all about folks who want to get away from it all and live what he calls “The Pirate Lifestyle.” So when you watch his videos he’s always perfectly branded: wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shooting video on the beach or on his boat, and his message is always consistent. He’s carved out a fabulous niche and wonderful lifestyle — all from making the exact kinds of videos you’ll be making during this Speaking on Video Boot Camp. But make no mistake- he’s actually DOCTOR Rob Lee – a very smart guy. Have a look at how expertly his message and setting fit his market and register now to join us for the bonus interview about how he does it!

Big Bonus #3: How to Make a Book Review Video Step-By-Step Instructions

One of the biggest challenges bloggers have is coming up with new content. What if you could get traffic to your site based on someone else’s book? You can – by posting a video book review on your blog. You can also make video book reviews to post on Amazon.com to build your expertise on one of the busiest websites in the world.

Big Bonus #4: Video Camera Test So You KNOW Which Camera Will Work Best

“What camera should I use?” That’s probably the most frequently asked question anyone who makes videos wants to know from the pros. With this Video Camera Test, you’ll see the exact same video, shot simultaneously with three different cameras – you probably have all three in your home right now! – so you can see for yourself the differences and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt which camera YOU should use for your talking head videos.

Your Investment

Sure, there are loads of programs teaching you how to do the techy stuff with your videos. This isn’t that. (But we’ll talk about how to make that tech stuff easy for sure!)

And there are other programs showing you how to get traffic to your videos. This isn’t that either. (But I have some amazing insider tips for you along those lines!)

This is something even before ANY of that. Because in order to do the techy stuff and get traffic — YOU HAVE TO HAVE A VIDEO FIRST! And a talking head video is the easiest type of video that creates the highest levels of intimacy with your viewers.

Working privately with me alone is worth $500. Add to that the plan, feedback and support you’ll get and this program is unlike any other, many of which I’ve seen offered in the thousands along with the expense of having to travel to a conference location to get it all done. You’ll do this Speaking on Video Boot Camp from the comfort of your own home or office.

You’ll get all the personal attention and hand-holding you need as you create your own talking head videos. The first time I offered this course people happily invested $397. But now, it’s the end of the year and you want to get some videos up FAST. I’m taking 50% off so it’s only $147.

Iron-Clad 100%
Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success is important to me…
You will get everything listed on this page or
you will get all of your money back.
No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple!

Felicia Slattery  


I’m limiting this exclusive hand-holding program to just 25 participants. The first time I offered this course at almost $400, it sold out in less than a week.

The program runs for just THREE DAYS starting Tuesday December 3, and continues til Thursday December 5. We meet at 11 AM Central time each day, but if you can’t make that time, don’t let that stop you. I promise– between the replays, the interaction on the Facebook group, and your private time with me, you’ll have PLENTY of opportunity to get everything done and have all the help and accountability you need!

Speaking on Video Boot Camp
Program Schedule
December 3-5, 2013, ALL VIRTUAL (that means online!!)


All times listed in Central time zone. Please adjust to your time zone.

DAY 1: December 3
11:00 AM – Noon: Kick-off, CONTENT: 7 Purposes for talking head videos, choosing your location, and determining YOUR plan.

Noon – 1:00PM: Studio Set-Up and Work time.

1:00PM – 2:15PM: CONTENT: To script or not to script? That is the question. What should go into your first video.

Remainder of Day: Record video 1.

DAY 2: December 4

11:00 AM – Noon: CONTENT: 4 Steps to creating rapport on video, 5 ways to look like a natural on video, 3 ways to communicate your emotion on video.

Remainder of Day: Record video 2.

DAY 3: December 5
11:00 AM – Noon: CONTENT: Leveraging your videos for creating regular and consistent credibility, web traffic, product sales, and more.

Remainder of Day and Beyond: Record video 3, 4, 5, and so on!

Each Content Session Is Recorded So You Can Watch Anytime!

Still not sure? Here’s what a couple other past participants had to say in public on Facebook:

“Personable, comprehensive, and interesting!”

Speaking On Video TestimonialAndreaG

“Simple and Easy To Follow!”
Speaking on Video TestimonialSusanL


Take into consideration…

Here’s Everything You’ll Get to Help You Git ‘er Done:

  • 3 FINISHED videos done by the end of the third day ready to get to work for YOUR business! (These will be up to you to do during your work time, but you’ll know EVERYTHING you need to make it happen!).
  • 4 Specially designed LIVE webinar training sessions, delivered over the course of 3 high-impact, amazingly productive – AND FUN! – days.
  • Recorded access to each of your 4 webinar sessions forever (you know, unless someone breaks the Internet or something!).
  • Your own PERSONALIZED video STRATEGY to help you moving forward after the program ends.
  • Ideas to incorporate into your videos beyond your wildest imagination that will enthrall your viewers and help you sell more products and service, drive more traffic and so much more!

Join Speaking on Video Boot Camp 2.0 Now

Class Meets December 3-5, 2013:

Single payment of just $397 $147:


Enter Coupon Code:



I can’t wait to see your fabulous direct to camera videos!


Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed.


PS Learning how to use your own direct to camera videos where you speak directly to the hearts and minds of your ideal clients and audience members will help you reach your goals faster and easier. Join me in this program!

NOW IS YOUR CHANCE – before it sells out!