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Monday Momentum

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Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed., Your Business Speaking Trainer

Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed., Your Business Speaking Trainer

From the desk of Felicia Slattery

 To My Fabulous Program Graduate:

It’s not over – not by a long shot!

You’re here on this secret page because we’ve worked together as a private client, you’ve joined a class I taught, or you purchased something from my website and haven’t yet had any personal interaction with me. You are welcome to this special private invitation.

Every Monday at Noon Eastern time (11 AM Central, 10 AM Mountain, 9 AM Pacific, 5 PM GMT) and continuing every Monday indefinitely I conduct a live Q/A call for an elite group of past clients and customers like you.

 All the content on these calls is generated 100% by YOUR specific questions. Here’s the thing… you’ve worked with me before and you know a few things about what that means like:
  • Your questions WILL be answered in detail. I only know how to do things one way & that’s ALL the way.
  • I move FAST. Moss doesn’t grow on a rolling stone or under us either!
  • You don’t have to be there live. Send me your question in advance and I’ll get it on the recording for you to listen to at your convenience.

What areas might you have questions about that I could help you with? Plenty. Now remember, if this was some typical, run-of-the-mill program registration, I’d have to be very specific about what I can offer.

But because this is private and to be seen only by invitation and only by smart folks like you who have worked with me and KNOW I’m more than just 1-2 small areas… let’s get real. Here’s how I can help you:

Even though I’ve renamed my website FeliciaSlattery.com, you get the picture! So… what could that mean for you?

I’ve been running this group since 2012 and after every single call, I get wonderful comments from people who were there like these:

What Will You Choose to Discuss and Improve Each Week?


This area is obvious but here are a variety of different areas we could cover. All answers will be SPECIFIC to you and your business, but they could be any of the following and of course so much more:

  • What attention-getter you can use to start your speech.
  • What compelling title you could create for your speech.
  • How to conclude your speech.
  • What kinds of fun live interaction you could do during your presentations.
  • Delivery tips of any kind.

Marketing Your Speaking, Coaching and/or Consulting

Remember I wrote the #1 best-selling book  21 Ways to Make Money Speaking.So let’s make you some money!

  • How to talk to meeting planners about your specific situation.
  • What to charge for your various speech gigs.
  • Honest feedback on your marketing materials such as videos, headlines, photos, one-sheets, website, etc.
  • How to get awesome testimonials and what to do with them once you have them!
  • Ideas about trends in the speaking marketplace and how you could use those to your advantage (I keep up-to-date on all things speaking and conference-related).
  • How to go from free to paid speaking – even in your own community.
  • How to leverage your Signature Speech™ specifically – even past speeches you’ve given.

About My Business:

“Felicia, how do you do [fill in the blank] in your own business?” is the most frequently asked question I get. Whatever you want to know, I’m happy to share. Just ask.

Resources & Connections:

  • Introductions to key service providers you need to help you with other aspects of your business.
  • Referrals for specific websites for free or paid tools you may need to make things work great – like creating awesome PPTs, videos, tweaking images, and more. There’s SO much online and you don’t know what you don’t know.

You’ve GOT to Stay in Integrity

If you’re running any kind of business where people come to you for help, wisdom, support, coaching, and/or advice but you’re NOT actively paying for any of those services yourself, it might be time to take a good, hard look in the mirror. Why would people pay you for something you’re not willing to invest in for yourself? I personally continue to regularly invest in myself and the growth of my business. I hope, even if it’s not with me, you’re doing the same.

INVESTMENT: You know my rates: Private day in Knoxville $5000, $10K for 6 months, one hour $1000… But because you’ve already invested in yourself with me, access to this program will be just $97 per month.

But wait! For a limited time, I’m dropping the investment to just $47 per month.

I will be charging full price soon, so register now because the next time you come back to this page, you might not find the discounted price.


What Makes This Program Different?
You Get My DIRECT Help and Support on a Weekly Basis:

You’re getting ME, Felicia, every single week and access to my more than 10 years of knowledge, experience, mistakes and successes while building a 6-figure business

Shortcut your own trial and error time

Weekly live Q/A call every Monday (even including most US “bank” holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.) at Noon Eastern

Forever recorded replay of all weekly sessions (starts from the week you join)

Your spot on my radar

Facebook Support Group of everyone between sessions (every day!)


I loved working with you, creating content for you, and providing value. I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to continue to serve you and help you speak and communicate your way to success!