How to Write an Elevator Pitch




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fs1When you go into business, there’s a list of generally accepted things we supposedly all need to succeed: maybe a business card, maybe a website, and of course don’t be caught going to a networking meeting without your elevator speech. After all, “they” say, you NEED an elevator speech. No matter if  you’re new to the concept or have been thinking about your elevator speech for while now and want to check this major to-do off your list and call it done, stay tuned. I’ve got great news for you in this video that might change how you look at meeting people professionally – and the elevator speech – FOREVER.

I know that’s a bold claim, but let me explain. I’m Felicia Slattery and as a speech coach and communication consultant, for YEARS people have asked me how to write an “elevator speech.” You know – the little intro to themselves that really slick and “together” business owners seem to have when someone asks them the simple question at an event,  “So what do YOU do?”

First – Do you really want to have to write some 30-second to 2-minute speech, memorize it and be able to recite it – on demand – to every single person you meet who happens to ask you what you do for a living? 

Next, ask yourself why you’re going to a networking meeting, or want to write an elevator speech in the first place. We know you’re not going to the meeting for some $20 appetizer plate and exciting music

fs2Hopefully you’re going to actually MEET people and make a connection.

So… here’s the problem. If you want to MEET real, actual human beings, and connect with them as, you know,  actual PEOPLE, possibly the worst way to start that relationship off is with a memorized marketing message – like the elevator speech – designed to get them to DO something – even if it’s only to ask you to tell them more about YOU.

fs3Remember the first rule of connecting: it’s not about you.

Besides, the latest communication research shows people are only going to remember 2-4 words you tell them about yourself anyway, which means you have to make a decision. Do you want to spend your time and energy writing a lovely speech about yourself and leave it up to the person you just met to figure out on their own what those 2-4 words are, OR do YOU want to be in control of the words you want people to remember about you? (nodding yes) So just tell them the 2-4 words. Saying, “I’m a …” whatever your do is truly just fine.

Now, to avoid being forced to listen to someone else’s canned elevator speech and really start that human connection that is so crucial to business success in all walks of life – all you need to remember is one short question:

“How did you get started?” 
When you ask someone you just meet that question, you’re inviting that person to tell you their personal story about what they do for a living. So many things happen in that moment: they let their guard down, they remember a specific time in their lives, they usually smile, – and you’re communicating that you care who they are as a human being. Now the conversation is started & you’re off & running!

Don’t worry about writing a long speech. Just know who you are. Be who you are. And seek to truly connect with another human being. In our fast-paced world, this true connection is EXACTLY what will be memorable and unique about you. People will like you. And you know who people will do business with when they know like and trust you: YOU.

Now, if you really want to kick up your networking a notch, there IS a way you can go to a networking meeting, have EVERYONE there know who you are, while you get to talk all about what you do for not just 30 seconds – but 30 minutes or more. It’s called the Signature Speech and it’s a marketing tool I trademarked to help professionals market their businesses to a whole room full of people at once, while providing useful, valuable information to serve their audiences from the stage – and to do it all for FREE. I’ve got some information on how you can do that on this page, so enter your info and I’ll send that to you right away.

And just think, now you never have to give or hear another elevator speech ever again. Check. Thanks for watching and I can’t wait to hear all about how YOU got started in your career some day when we meet!