ExpertMedia_Logo2Welcome Guests of Tony Laidig’s

Expert Media Show

100th Episode Celebration!

Thanks for joining us to celebrate Tony’s huge milestone 100th episode. I’m excited you’re here and ready to take action on my tip about speaking.

Felicia Slattery’s tip:

Do what Tony does:

Speak for free to market your
business, tips, tools, and techniques.

Tony speaking keynote

Tony Laidig delivering his first-ever keynote speech, August 2014. Photo by proud speech coach Felicia Slattery.

More than any other marketing technique, Tony uses a variety of speaking to market his classes, products, and programs. Think about it:

  • He has this weekly programming he calls the Expert Media Show where he shares tons of free content with his listeners and viewers. (He’s speaking on these every week!)
  • He does webinars on his own and as a guest presenter for his colleagues. (He has to speak there, too!)
  • He attends live events where he also speaks, teaches, and trains. (And I’m proud to say I got to coach him on his first ever keynote speech recently!)

There are a few ways you can incorporate speaking to market yourself, too:

1. Signature Speech

If you’re ready to dive in like Tony and start doing speeches either in-person or virtually via teleseminar or webinar where you present useful free info to build your community of subscribers, you can get started with a Signature Speech™.  When you put together your Signature Speech™, you’ll boost your credibility, and become known as THE go-to expert in your area of expertise. Get free info at the button here: learn more here button



 2. Start Speaking on Video

Whatever your message, sharing your message by speaking on video is a powerful way to enhance engagement with your viewers, create intimacy, and build rapport, all of which can lead to greater sales and more customers. Get started speaking on video today. learn more here buttonUse coupon code VIRTUAL to save $100 today!



 3. Get in Front of More People
with a One-Sheet

If you have a speech or book, you want people to know about it. Now there’s an easy way to create a beautiful, customized marketing piece for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own designer or doing it yourself from scratch. Although it’s called a Speaker One Sheet, you can use them for your coaching business, a free or paid speech, your print or Kindle book, or even to invite people to a live event. Now instead of having to find a designer or learn how to do it yourself, use these templates and make your own or grab the developer’s license and make them for your clients.  After all, Tony doesn’t do much (if any) graphic design for hire these days, but these templates are Tony Laidig-approved! learn more here buttonLaunch special ends Saturday!

 I’m proud to be a friend of Tony’s and am so happy you joined us for his special celebration!


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