If you're trying to run a business from home and
you're feeling stuck and
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Dear Friend,

Felicia Slattery

Running your own business can be downright frustrating.

Some days, even people who have had some success want to quit and chuck it all.

But there's something that is differernt about the people who finally "make it" and everyone else who wishes they could make it. And I'm about to tell you how I figured that out, so YOU get to take the SHORT CUT TO SUCCESS.

That's me - Felicia Slattery. And I've been at this online business thing since 2006, so I've learned a thing or two along the way. But it was all a big accident.

How I Accidentally Learned What it Took to Suddenly
Be Catapulted to Success

Before I got into running my business from home, I was an instructor of communication, part time at a few of the local colleges and universities. Like you, I decided I wanted to earn money while being home - for me it was to be with my young daughters who were 1 and 3 years old at the time. So I dug into the Internet.

One day, I heard about an internet marketing event coming near my hometown, cleared my schedule and decided to go. Not long after, there I was, sitting in a hotel ballroom one hot July, learning from some of the most successful internet entrepreneurs at the time.

And that's when it happened.

You see, because the event was so intimate, and one of the panel sessions was so informal, I mustered my confidence and took a chance. Someone asked the question:

"How can I be more credible online?"

Well, because I had taught it for years as part of my persuasion teachings, I knew *the* answer. So I sheepishly half-raised my hand, not wanting to butt in on the distingushed experts who only sort-of got the answer right, and when the speakers invited me to join them at the front of the room, my life changed forever.

Someone handed me a microphone and because I felt calm, comfortable, and confident delivering my message - the same message I'd been delivering for many months at that point - people listened.

What came next makes my head spin to this day:

  • People came up to me, asking me about my business and what I could do for them.
  • Then one of the speakers was planning his own event and asked ME if I wanted to speak - in just 3 weeks' time!
  • One of the speakers wanted to do a joint venture with me!
  • Another one of the speakers invited me to be a guest on his podcast!
  • And I started to get new subscribers and customers THAT VERY WEEKEND!!

And here's the secret formula I accidentally discovered:

Confidence + Credibility + Communication = Cash Flow

Because I had the CONFIDENCE to raise my hand and share what I know, all kinds of amazing things happened for me and it can happen like that for you, too!

Now, here's what I know about confidence, credibility, and communication:

  • Confidence is a SKILL - it CAN BE learned - by anyone - including YOU!
  • Credibility is a matter of making sure people know the right things about you so they can know YOU are the right person to buy from.
  • Communication means talking (and writing) to people so they understand how your message impacts THEM.
  • Cash flow - and LOTS of it - comes when you bring all those things together for your ideal customers to see.

It Wasn't Always Like This Until I Made a Choice...

When I was a little girl, I rememeber being so painfully shy, I didn't even want to look people in the eyes. I was nervous a lot and anxious around people. I hoped no one would even look at me, let alone start TALKING to me.

But then at age 11, I marched up to my Mom and declared:

"I don't want to be like this any more!"

From THAT moment on, I have dedicated my life to learning what it takes to become more confident and to be able to communicate that confidence to the point where I am now a professional speaker, a best-selling author, and very successful 6-figure business owner. I love my life and it's my sincere hope that you discover and use this secret weapon for yourself. 

Here's how:

Introducing ...

When you discover the power of pulling together your credibility, your confidence, and your communication skills - your cash flow can go thruogh the roof AND it can happen VERY quickly.

  • You become the go-to expert - Suddenly people are seeking you out because they know without a shadow of a doubt you are one of the best at what you do.
  • You feel AMAZING - There's nothing like waking up to seeing more money in your accounts, or walking into a room feeling powerful and strong, or connecting with people on your email list who LOVE what you have to say!
  • Your life becomes FUN - Sure you may still work hard, but the work you do is rewarding and fun because you know you are honestly helping the people who need it.

Yes You Can EVEN Boost Your Online Credibility and Business Confidence
in 7 Days or LESS!

Really most of the tangible, immediately actionable changes and tweaks you'll discover can happen in an afternoon. It's the confidence thing that might take a few extra days - but the truth is IT CAN HAPPEN IN AN INSTANT.

Believe me -- when you see how people react to these easy-to-do changes you'll make, your confidnce will explode through the roof!

"I still can't thank you enough for the tools you've given me that are going to help me take my brand to the bank. And we're not done our work together yet - You're the greatest!!!"

- Angela Sutcliffe, Smart Old Broad, Business Consulting www.AngelaSutcliffe.com

Here's Exactly What You're Getting ...

Assessment for

You've got to know where you're starting from - officially. This specially designed assessment will help you determine your confidence level starting now so you can see your opportunities for growth.

Laws of Confidence
Special Report

Once you understand confidence and exactly HOW it all works, you can build your own - and you'll be excited to see how easy it actually can be!

For Small Business

Don't be fooled by this small book. In it's pages you'll find powerful steps and insights into what you need to do to become more confident TODAY.

  • the #1 secret to becoming more confident in ANYTHING
  • 3 BEST confidence boosters for business success
  • 5 ways to build your confidence using the #1 secret  

Confidence From
Social Media

How to Get By with a Little Help from Your Friends

You know how you always hear that being on social media could make a person depressed with everyone sharing their vacations and happy news all the time? Well, what if YOU could tap into that positivity to FEEL more confident while developing your credibility at the same time and instead of depressing others, actually motivate them? I'll show you how.

And Here Are 3 Juicy FREE Bonuses to
Bring It All Together

  • Credibility on Video Report - Video has been hot for years and now that streaming services like Facebook Live are all the rage, you want to be sure every time you appear on video you're projecting your best image. This report will tell you what you need to know.
  • Credibility and Cash Flow on Social Media Training - In this detailed and fully illustrated slide presentation, you'll discover the 3 C's of credibility, mistakes to avoid, and kinds of posts you should be using to optimize your credibility on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Credibility Checklist- Here's your to-do list of the things you can quickly tweak in an afternoon so your online credibility is as strong as it can possibly be!

Clients and Customers Can't Get Enough...

"I have taken 4 courses Felicia Slattery has offered.  There is a reason I keep coming back.  Her material is not only timely but she put it together in such an organized succinct manner. She over delivers on her content each and every time. I will continue to follow, share and buy from Felicia because she has exactly what I am looking for in growing my business."

- Jean Kuhn, Author, Consultant, &
Franchisee Coach

About Your (Low) Investment

This package is totally new and has never been offered like this before - although you could have picked up portions of it by attending an event that would have set you back $450. Or you could have bought my $1000 training and had access to other portions. And some have been created specially JUST FOR YOU. The total value of this package is hard to define because of that, but the regular price is just $197.

You only need to pay for $197 $147 $97 $47 if you act fast. When the timer below hits 0:00 - you'll be out of time and miss out on the offer. If you don't see a timer, and this sentence is still here... give it a try - that may mean my team didn't pull the special deal, but I'll only be able to guarantee the $47 special until that timer runs out.

My FAMOUS Double-Guarantee
100% Risk-Free Money Back

My Famous Double Guarantee means that when you pick up this product in good faith that you want to be more confident and credible, you're going to take that commitment to yourself seriously, because I will take my side of that commitment to YOU seriously.

If you follow the actions in these reports and don't feel more confident and aren't coming across as more credible than you are today, show me what you've done and very briefly explain how it's not working for you and I will give you back your money AND personally give you a 30-minute coaching session to help you figure out what's going on. THAT'S the Double Guarantee.

After all -- you're signing up for this because you want to be more confident and more credible. And I want that for you. So I'm committed to helping you achieve that! Are you?

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Confidence is a decision. By clicking the "Add to Cart" button above, you are making the decision that YOU are ready to be more confident, more credible, to communicate it better, and see the cash start to flow in as a result. I'm so excited for you! WOO HOO!!!!

Go forth and be confidently credible,
Felicia Slattery

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