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The Main Benefits of Promoting Lou Bortone & Felicia Slattery's
30-Day Storytelling on Video Challenge:

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INSTANT Payouts!

Everybody likes a little ka-ching - especially with INSTANT gratification!

*Note: Instant only if you've sold 100+ on JV Zoo OR if we know you personally. But that covers just about everyone who would promo this ;-)

Video Is HOT

Your fans/friends/followers/ and subscribers WANT to know how to use video more, what to say, and to get them made. This program addresses ALL that. Your people will THANK you!

Cut & Paste Simple

We know you're busy so all the copy and swipes you need are right here on this page. Simply copy, tweak, add your aff link and you're good to go!

Almost ZERO Refund Rates

Because this course is mainly about accountability with content PLUS live Q/A, there are no refunds after November 3 (our first live Q/A session). That means the cash you make is yours.
BTW: We only refunded one person after doing this three times now. People who get into this program LOVE it.

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Subject Line: Video + Your Story = Results!

Dear Name,

As you know, video marketing is hotter and more important than ever. YouTube has become an incredibly powerful promotional platform, and Facebook Live streaming video is exploding in popularity.

However, it’s not enough to just jump on Facebook with your iPhone and start blabbing. You’ve got to have a compelling message and a story!

That’s why I’m excited to my colleagues Lou Bortone and Felicia Slattery, are going to guide you through a 30-Day Storytelling on Video Challenge. You’ll discover how to craft a compelling story on video that will attract your ideal clients so you can enjoy more success! 

If you've wanted to make videos for a while now, but just haven't gotten around to it, or wondered what you'd even say, this is like getting two programs in one AND getting it DONE! You'll discover how you can tap into the power of storytelling AND you'll learn all about video marketing. Not to mention - you'll be making your own videos all along the way. When you have questions, Lou & Felicia have answers in the weekly Q/A. 

Find out more and join them today at: YOUR LINK.



Subject Line: Imagine having 30 new videos for your business

Dear Name,

Imagine the big business boost you’d get if you had 30 new videos to market and promote your business.

Videos that create BUZZ for you!

Videos that increase your visibility and raise your online profile!

Videos that build your credibility in your niche!

Videos that get you powerful SEO!

Videos you can post on YouTube, Facebook, your blog and more!

Well, you can make this a reality with my friends Felicia Slattery and Lou Bortone when you join them in their upcoming 30-day Storytelling on Video Challenge! 

Go see all about it - but hurry because they are starting in just a few days!

Click here: YOUR LINK



Subject: Once upon a time…

Dear Name,

...It's the opening to what could be a magical story.

Stories are what connect us, help us teach, and make us laugh or cry. No wonder learning how to tell stories is the hottest thing in marketing right now. But it's FAR from a trend.

Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time and those who tell the most effective stories are the ones who have ALWAYS been seen as leaders. The same is true today in business.

So getting good - REALLY good - at telling stories can help propel you to more profits and helping more people because people love to listen to stories. Once they are listening to your stories, you can then tell them whatever else you'd like because they are ALREADY PAYING ATTENTION!

That's why you have to check out the 30-Day Storytelling on Video Challenge with Lou Bortone and Felicia Slattery. They will be tag teaming so you get TWO smart folks to hold your hand with a weekly LIVE Q/A session, weekly training on both storytelling and video marketing and so much more.

Once upon a time, you signed up for a program, had fun, learned something, made some awesome videos, made some money, and then... (the rest is for you to write - but it all starts here: YOUR LINK

Get there fast. They start soon.



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