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The Only Traffic Training Created For Speakers!

Training and guidance based on your exact business with strategies designed to get you results faster than any generic system ever could.

Templates, Worksheets, and Checklists

Far more than training! Fill-in-the-blank templates for every single tactic you’re shown. Plus, a clear process map to help you “get it” faster.

Total Clarity on Your Traffic Strategy.

100% clarity about where your traffic and new leads are going to come from. You’ll know exactly how to reach them and pull them into your world like a nuclear powered electromagnet.

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What Makes Speaker Traffic Formula Special?

Advertising Doesn’t Have To Be Scary Anymore.

The strategy you’ll be shown here is nearly foolproof and can work for as little as $5 per day.

Instead of trying random targeting and hoping that it will work, we’re going to focus our attention on people that have already indicated that you interest them.  This makes advertising easy.

You’re going to love being able to control the flow of new, qualified leads into your business.

Speakers Have Awesome Content

The only problem is where do we put our content to get our audience to find it?  Doing this wrong means that even the best content on the web for our topic will prevent them from ever finding it.

The content strategies you’re shown here will give you a clear plan of action and help you reach your audience with far less work and effort.

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Marketing On Social Media Is Unique.

Have you ever walked into a party and yelled:  “I’m Me and you need to buy what I sell!!!”?

That’s exactly what it looks like when most people promote themselves on social media.

Yet, there are some special marketers that just “get it”.  There is a unique way to sell and gain attention on social media and you’re about to discover how to do it without looking like a salesperson.

Even better, you’ll never have to wonder what to share or discuss.


Knowing what to do produces bigger, faster, and better results…

“The Single Most Important Part Of Driving Leads And Traffic Is Having A FoolProof Strategy To Guide You To The Results You’re Working So Hard For!”

Driving traffic is the most common problem for any internet-based entrepreneur – and make no mistake, as a speaker you ARE an internet-based entrepreneur because meeting planners are using the internet to find you, research if you know your stuff, and vet you for their events.

The thing is, it’s not as hard as we make it.

Ross talks about how originally, his business was almost 100% based on affiliate and referral traffic. He made great money and loved everything about it, but what happens when your affiliates are busy or your referrals stop coming?  

Running a business that relies on other people is riskier than crossing a busy street blindfolded.

Clarity On How You Will Drive Your Own Traffic Gives You The Ability To Grow Faster.

When I met Ross Goldberg back in 2008, I’d been speaking for years, but I knew very little about how to drive traffic to my website. As I look back, I can tell you I learned much of what I know about traffic from Ross. When I was ready for a big push I hired him because he is hands-down the best! Now we are teaming up to help YOU!

Ross Goldberg is an Amazon Best-selling Author who has put on (and spoken at) multiple live events.  He’s spoken at everything from tiny workshops to huge events with over 1,000 attendees!

Ross Help Changed My Business, So I’ve Asked Him To Help Me Do The Same For You!

Ross has been behind the scenes of multiple 7-figure businesses and is a world-renowned web traffic expert. I could talk about his achievements for days, but what matters most is that Ross is a speaker, too! He knows exactly how we can reach more of our customers and he’s proven it to me by helping me do it.  

Now, it’s your turn!

Ross Goldberg with Felicia Slattery in 2009 when they were speaking at an event!

Look at EVERYTHING you’ll find inside of the Speaker Traffic Formula:

Each Document and Mind Map will help you become more recognized and create a situation where people are asking you to speak at their events.

You’ll love how easy it is to use the templates!






Module 1: Advertising

While paid advertising doesn’t have to be your first strategy, it is an important component in your Speaker Traffic Formula mix. Here’s what you get:
– 22-Minute video
– Detailed Advertising Mind Map
– Google Adwords Advertising Excel Spreadsheet

Module 2: Content Marketing

Content marketing is something we speakers have head & shoulders above another else on the internet because our speeches ARE content! Here’s what you’ll get in this section:
-21-Minute Training Video
– 50 Things to Blog About Checklist
-Style Checklist
-Where to Get Content Ideas Checklist
-Free Report Template
Free Report Promotion Checklist

Module 3: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is basically how web search engines like Google and Yahoo will show YOU when meeting planners do a search looking for someone like you. Here’s what’s included in this section:
– 15-Minute Training Video
– SEO Mindmap
– SEO Checklist

Module 4: Social Media

It’s crucial you get social media right because many meeting planners often start here. Check out all you get:
– 11-Minute Training Video
– Your Complete Social Media Mind Map
– Facebook Live Checklist AND Planner
LinkedIn Marketing Checklist AND Planner
– YouTube Checklist AND Planner
– Pinterest Checklist AND Planner
– Twitter Checklist AND Planner

Module 5: Customer Service

Did you know the emails you send and receive can help your business grow? In this module, you’ll discover more about how that works. What’s included:
– 6-Minute Training Video
– 13 Customer Email Templates for Every Need
– Customer Service FAQ Templates for Questions People Will Ask You About Your Website and Beyond

Module 6: Research

You’ll be amazed to learn what you don’t know but need to about getting traffic to your work. Here’s all you get in this section:
– 10-Minute Training Video
– Audience Customer Avatar Worksheet
– Keywords for Speakers Worksheet
– Speaker Market Research Worksheet

Module 7: Email Marketing

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “the money is in the list,” email marketing is behind the meaning of this and it is the single most profitable form of traffic for your business. Here’s what you get to help you do that:
– 11-Minute video
– Ask a Question Template
– Free Download Item Template
– Free Event Template
– New Content Announcement Template
– Product Promotion Template
– Rant Content Template
– Social Media Follow Invite Template
– Survey Request Template

Module 8: Mini-Blogging

The better, more effective way for a speaker to build a blog is to use this mini-blogging strategy. You DON’T have to blog every day, week, or even every month. (Cue applause!)

Check out how easy it can be! Here’s what you’ll get in this section:
-7-Minute Training Video
– Mini Blogging Mind Map
-Blogging Checklist

Module 9: Non-Fiction Books

As a speaker, you are expected to be a writer. This module will help you do that much more easily than you may imagine. Here’s what’s included in this section:
– 6-Minute Training Video
– Non-Fiction Book Mind Map
– Author Bio Template
– Kindle eBook Basic Template
– Kindle eBook Formatting Guide
– Kindle Publishing Checklist
– Book Cover Templates
– Information Page Template
– Non-Fiction Book Outline Template
– Topic Research Brainstorming Worksheet

Module 10: Facebook Ads

With BILLIONS of people using Facebook daily, yes, your market is there. Her’s how to reach them. Check out all you get:
– 12-Minute Training Video
– Facebook Ads Mind Map
– Facebook Marketing Planner
– Facebook Marketing Checklist
– Facebook Ads Tracking Spreadsheet
– Facebook Ads Checklist

All Of The Training And Documents Are Easy To Access On A Single, Secure Page. Watch The Video To See For Yourself:

While your business is unique, the strategies you need to use to get attention are not.  

Every single Speaker could follow this blueprint and it will always help event organizers and meeting planners find you.

Some generic idea of how to reach your audience will not be enough to break through the noise and get attention from those that need your help the most.

The Speaker Traffic Formula is designed for you by 2 recognized experts that understand your problems and have already figured out how to fix them.


This Will Lead To You Getting Booked A Lot More.

You Will Finally Know Exactly How To Reach Your Audience.

The idea of guessing or throwing a bunch of (bad) ideas at the wall to see what sticks when it comes to generating leads is sillier than having a toddler do the work for you.

Marketing your business is not optional.

It’s time to get the help you need to create the results you know you deserve.  It’s time to simply know what you need to do.

Then, all you have to do is get it done.  You’ll love the results you’re going to produce.

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The “Better Than A Guarantee” Promise:

Due to the sheer amount of templates included with your order and the quality of training you’ll receive, we cannot provide refunds to those that have not attempted to apply the systems and tactics.

However, if you apply the strategies in The Speaker Traffic Formula and do not see the results we’ve promised, you will receive 200% of your initial investment back to make up for the time you spent trying to improve your business.

It would be reasonable to ask you to invest $10 per module and $20 per blueprint, right?

With 4 blueprints and 10 modules, that would be $180.

While that price would be fair, we want to make this the easiest decision you make today and will let you gain access to this business-changing training for only $97 $47! 

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Felicia Slattery
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