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The Path To Maverick Status Will Be Scary And Dangerous If You Don’t Have Our Proven Strategies To Get There.

If you’re happy with a few extra gigs and a little boost to your income, you should have no trouble doing exactly that with the Speaker Traffic Formula.

If you want to dominate your market and become the primary choice for every event, you need the Traffic Maverick Strategies to show you the way to becoming the obvious choice.

The Traffic Maverick training will be given over a period of 4 weeks in 6 webinars (2 webinars per week in weeks 1 and 2 and 1 webinar per week in weeks 3 and 4).  You’ll get numerous process maps and fill-in-the-blank templates to help you implement the final level in lead generation for your business.

Here is How The Traffic Maverick Training Builds Upon Everything You’re Getting In The Speaker Traffic Formula:

Build On A Concrete Foundation

Without getting this part right, you’re going to be attempting to build your business on quicksand…

The foundation is a combination of business setup, organization, research (market, customer avatar, and social), and outsourcing.

You’ll be receiving fill-in-the-blanks templates for business plans, daily planning, and outsourcing with this webinar.

Superior Conversion Strategy

The conversion module simplifies the sales process even further by giving you a proven formula that you can use online, from the stage, or even face to face.

While you’ll have templates for multiple kinds of sales pages, the strategy you’ll discover in this webinar will take the amount of time you’d need to build a sales process that converts and cut it by 90% or more.

You’re going to love how easy it can be once you have the simpler way to convince people that you’ve got the solution to their most difficult problems.


Great Content Isn’t Enough Anymore.

The focus on The Maverick Content Strategy isn’t to create good content.

It’s to post epic content in all of the right places. Once you make yourself unavoidable, that’s when you’re going to start getting chased by event managers and begged to speak at the biggest events.

The templates included with this module include Infographics, Podcast interviews, Video, and more.

Advanced Advertising Systems

In The Speaker Traffic Formula, you’re going to get the simplest advertising strategy. It’s designed to make it almost impossible to fail.

The Maverick Advertising Strategy gives you the process you need to follow once you get the original one in place. The idea is that once you have ads that convert, you’re going to want to take advantage and get them in front of more of the right people.

The templates for this module include Facebook Messenger Bots, Google Adwords, and more.


Mavericks Have Massive Social Presence.

Felicia is already going to show you how she uses Facebook and LinkedIn to get booked and build her audience.

However, those 2 aren’t the only sites worth building a presence on.

The simple truth is that the wider spread your message is, the faster your tribe will grow. Just adding in more social sites will have you feeling like social media is taking over your life.

This webinar will reveal how to get results without spending your entire day socializing.

Amplify Your Results By Tying All Of Your Marketing Together.

Having a huge presence online makes you easier to find.

Yet, throwing random content in random locations isn’t going to do as well as a strategic plan that is executed with style and a bit of grace.

This is where the true Maverick is born. By creating your own, unique strategy, you’re going to set yourself apart from any and all competition to become the only choice.


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