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Here’s Everything You Need to Market Your Speaking Business – Step-By-Step So You Can Get Booked Fast!

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Dear Current or Aspiring Speaker,

Oftentimes as speakers we are bombarded with a zillion suggestions from well-meaning marketing folks. Speakers tend to be new when it comes to marketing themselves, and it’s natural to want to try most of the fun ideas. 
What I found, however, is that many of those highly-touted things can get overwhelming, confusing, and flat out not work for most new and even experienced speakers. So how are we supposed to get more gigs and look like a true professional in the process?
Now is your chance!

The Speaker Checklist Bundle is exclusively for speakers – both long-time professionals doing a refresh of your marketing or emerging speakers just getting together your marketing materials. 
With this set of instructive checklists, you’ll learn exactly what needs to be included in each of your marketing tools so you look like a true professional and will optimize your opportunity to speak. 
To make it even easier for you to use, implement, and track your results, each checklist can be viewed in PDF format or printed seperatly. Only use the ones you need in that moment…no more wasted paper or ink printing dozens of pages you won’t use yet.
And the best part is, no matter where you are at in your public speaking journey, these checklists will guide you towards the path of marketing success.

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Here’s How I Know…
My name is Felicia Slattery, and as you can see I’ve done my share of speaking over the years (look at all those different hairstyles!). Today, in addition to speaking and writing books about speaking, I also coach my clients to build successful speaking businesses.

How do you think I got on all those stages over the years? Marketing pure and simple.

When you put in place the essential elements to market yourself as a speaker, with exactly what meeting planners are looking for, you look like a pro no matter how long you’ve been at it, and you’ll get the chance to share your message and get paid doing it.

Don’t Make Marketing Your Speaking Business Hard!

I see speakers do this all the time. They don’t get their messages in front of the audiences they can best serve because they are spending time doing things that won’t get them booked!

And that’s such a shame!

After all the work you put into getting your name out there, when a meeting planner does find you, you’ve got literally seconds to make or break that first impression. The scary part is YOU’LL NEVER EVEN KNOW if they are looking at you or not. If you don’t have the right marketing materials in place, they’ll be gone, and you’ll miss out on a gig.

So now, ask yourself, how many speaking gigs have you ALREADY MISSED OUT ON by not having the right tools in place? And more importantly, how long are you going to let sub-par marketing tools make you look like an amateur?

That all ends. TODAY.

You Get 9 of My Most Popular and
Highly Requested Speaker Checklists –
Normally Priced at $297 for Just $77! (That’s A $200+ Savings!)

You Get 9 of My Best-Selling Checklists:

  • Speaker Website/Webpage Checklist: What you need to put on your website that meeting planners are looking for
  • Speaker Website OR Webpage: How to decide if you need a whole website devoted to your speaking or if you can simply add a page to your existing website
  • Speaker One Sheet Checklist: Make sure this crucial one-page marketing tool includes exactly what meeting planners want to see to book you as a speaker
  • Speaker Intro Checklist: Before you get on stage someone will be introducing you to the audience. You’ll be asked to provide a written intro for an emcee or someone else to read. This is what it should look like and what it should say to get the audience excited to hear you.
  • Speaker Bio Checklist: There are multiple occasions where you’ll need a biography. Use this checklist to create a bio that will get you noticed and make you be memorable.
  • Speaker Video Checklist: What goes into your speaker video that will get you booked? Follow the checklist and get in front of more audiences!
  • Speech Description & Title Checklist: When you describe your speech and create a title, it should sound so exciting anyone interested in your topic won’t be able to stay away. This checklist shows you how.
  • Speaker Photo Checklist: For most of us online, it’s our headshot that is our first impression. But as a speaker, did you know you need more than one photo? That’s because photos are a BIG part of the proof you’ve been on stage before. They represent branding at its finest. There are some specific images meeting planners are looking for. Use this checklist to get them all!
  • Speaker Business Card Checklist: Sometimes all you have is that tiny bit of real estate to make a lasting impression. Use it well and it can lead to future business! This checklist makes sure you won’t miss a thing when putting yours together.
Here’s Everything You’re Getting Right Now:

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Don’t Get Scammed Slide Deck

Unfortunately scammers are everywhere – including in the speaking world. Speakers want to believe their marketing is working, and so miss some of the warning signs of a scam. In this slide presentation, you’ll see specific names of actual scams and exactly how they have tried to (and successfully) tricked others – but not YOU! 

From Free to Fee Webinar Training

One of the most frequently asked questions people ask is how do I know when I can start charging for my speaking? Am I ready to stop speaking for free? This training lays out EXACTLY what you need to begin charging for your speaking and make money just for showing up and doing your thing on stage. If you’re not totally sure you’re ready to stop speaking for free and start getting paid, you’ll have no doubt after watching this!

How to Get Hired and Make Money With a Speaker One Sheet Slide Deck

One of the most over-looked simple documents can be the most powerful for your speaking business. See not only what belongs on a speaker one sheet, but also where to put your finished speaker one sheet and what to do with it once you have it so you can get booked to speak.

How to Get Booked to Speak 5-Page Outline Training

You’ll see everything from mistakes that trip speakers up, how much you should be charging to be considered a professional, 5 myths and truths about professional speaking and getting hired, plus a cycle that includes content marketing and getting yourself hired to speak. This is a no-frills, no fluff 5-page outline packed with LOTS of useful info you can use NOW.

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Sue Falcone

“Stop Making the Mistakes and Get Out of Your Own Way!”

“In my speakers bureau, I see all kinds of mistakes professional speakers make with their marketing. It’s such a shame because they are lovely people who have a wonderful message to share and are truly great on stage. Stop making the mistakes and get out of your own way!

“These checklists are exactly what you need to create the kinds of marketing materials meeting planners are looking for. Make your life easier, stop guessing, and use these checklists. You can do an audit of your existing marketing materials and use them to create new marketing tools that you can be confident will work to get you on more stages for more money.”

CEO, Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau



“So Valuable to Building My Speaking Business! “

“Getting started as a speaker can be overwhelming. Between building your speaker website, getting headshots and photos, creating marketing materials and … oh yea, creating and perfecting your content. It’s a lot! Felicia Slattery has created some amazingly simple and easy to use tools to help you get organized, effective and profitable. There is a checklist for things that I would never even have thought about but are so valuable to building my speaking business. These checklists are the most simple and comprehensive solution I have found to put my mind at ease, so I can focus on what’s most important… serving my audience.”

President of the Black Speakers Network


“These Checklists Rock and So Will You!”

“I’ve known Felicia Slattery for years and she is one of the few people I trust to teach you about speaking. She’s “wicked smaht,” as I like to say, and you will love these simple and easy checklists she’s created to help you get your marketing pieces together so you look like a pro.

“You’ve got to get these now. These checklists rock – and so will you when you get them and get on stages!”

Video and Marketing Expert


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“You Don’t Want to Miss Out on These! “

“One of the most effective ways to get your content out, build your list, and get new buyers is with public speaking.

But before you can do *that* you’ve got to get on stage FIRST.

That’s where Felicia Slattery comes in. She’s the creator of the Signature Speech and is the #1 best-selling author of “21 Ways to Make Money Speaking” and she knows her stuff about this.

You don’t want to miss out on these.”

Content Marketing Expert

“Heart of Gold – My Top Recommendation!”

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“The Tools I Need to Close The Sale!”

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