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If You’ve Ever Wondered What Should Go on Your Speaking Contracts – Stop Wondering and Get This Complete Template Set of “Contracts for Speakers” Today – Plus, Save 50% Off for a Limited Time!


Dear Current or Future Speaker,

It’s easy to go into panic mode.

You’ve worked hard to market your speaking services.

Then the day finally comes – a meeting planner wants to hire you! But their next question can leave you frantic: “When can you send us over your contract?”


You think to yourself, “My WHAT?” While at the same time saying out loud, “Sure I can get it to you by the end of the week,” thinking that will give you enough time to figure out how to get that done.

Well – that problem ends TODAY!

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Here’s How I Know…


My name is Felicia Slattery, and as you can see I’ve done my share of speaking over the years (look at all those different hairstyles!). Today, in addition to speaking and writing books about speaking, I also coach my clients to build successful speaking businesses.

I remember the first time a meeting planner asked me for my speaking contract.

I went into full-blown panic mode because I had NO IDEA what to put into a speaking contract. I figured it out and now I’d like to keep you from having to go through the same panic when you get asked for YOUR speaker contract.


Don’t Panic! You’re Covered and It’s EASY!


Sure, you could go hunting all over the internet and cobble together something on your own that might work. That’s what I had to do – and I can tell you it took me DAYS of work because I didn’t want to miss anything crucial.

Then, I was so worried because I’m not a lawyer and I hadn’t had a lawyer look it over before I sent out my first contract.

Luckily, it all worked out, but after that I did meet with a lawyer who gave me a few refinements and things to change. Now I know my contracts are solid, legal documents.

So, why did I create these? Well, truth be told I didn’t initially create them to be a product for anyone else to buy. I took my ACTUAL speaking contracts that I use in my own business and turned them into a template to make your life easier.

The reason why is simple. A couple times a month I get urgent emails and messages from clients and contacts new to the speaking industry hoping to see what goes into a speaking contract. You see, there really isn’t much online to help with that.

I know what it’s like to be frantically searching for something that doesn’t even exist! Right now – especially. It’s busy season for speakers getting booked (did you know it?)

Meeting planners are looking from now through the next couple of months to find speakers for their events net year. So I’m doing something special for you today.


Save Yourself Time and Effort – Get This FULL SET of Easy-To-Use-Templates TODAY That Includes 6 Contracts for Speakers!


Exclusively for speakers like you who want to communicate your professionalism and cover all the bases when sending a contract, also known as a letter of agreement to speaking clients. With this all-new set of templates, you’ll stop having to guess what to put in your contracts, try to adjust something you randomly find online not even related to our business, or have to hire an expensive lawyer to write all your speaking contracts from scratch.

This set of contract templates for speakers could easily be priced at $397 or more and still be a bargain, given what most lawyers want to charge you… but because of you’re just getting started, I know budgets can be tight at the beginning. So I created these Contracts for Speakers templates so YOU can save $$$ and still get the full set of contracts for just about every occasion a speaker needs. PLUS you’ll also score some awesome bonuses to make dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s easier than ever – for just $97! BUT CHECK OUT THE DEAL BELOW ON THIS SPECIAL PAGE!

The reason I created these templates is because “do you have a contract I can take a look at” is the most frequently asked emergency question I get from new speakers who need to get a contract to send to a meeting planner NOW. Because you’re part of the community of speakers I love and I know if you’re reading this far YOU NEED THIS, I want to offer it to you at this low “getting started” price. It’s my way of saying, “Thank you for serving the world from the stage!”


Here’s Everything You’re Getting:

Contracts for Speakers doc images


You Get The EXACT and COMPLETE Set of Speaker Contracts and Letters of Agreement I Use in My Business!

Speaker Contract Template for
Local Engagements

Just because you’re not getting on a plane, doesn’t mean you don’t have travel arrangements! Everything you need to consider is in this contract template.

Speaker Contract Template for Engagements that Require Air Travel

Cover all your bases specifically for travel with this contract template. All the details are included of when you are expected, where you’ll be staying the night, how travel arrangements are handled and so much more.

Speaker Contract Template for Free Local Speaking Engagement Where You Sell Products/Services

When you speak for free locally, you can make some great sales. But you’ve got to be sure you and the meeting planner understand each other. This contract template will help you do that.

Speaker Agent Salesperson Agreement Template

When it’s time to hire a salesperson to get you booked, you’ll need a letter of agreement or contract to spell out that person’s responsibilities. This will make that process a breeze to get someone dialing for dollars to get you on more stages!

Speaker Contract Template for Emcee

Emcee work is super fun and another easy way to make money as a speaker. Use this contract to make sure you are on the same page as the event planner.

Speaker Contract Template for Panelist

Some events will invite you to be part of a panel. This contract will spell out the details you need to know to be successful in that role, often as a foot in the door to a big event.




Here’s the thing: you’re on this page and you’ve read this far, so I know you’re serious about speaking. That means at some point in the not too distant future, you ARE going to need one of these contracts. Believe me, I have dozens of clients who were in the same boat and needed these sooner than they thought they would.

Look, even if you’re not in need of one of these contracts today, if you plan to do any kind of speaking, grab them now, because someday you will need them. and when you get them today you will be ready. That’s simply smart business, my friend. Because if you wait and think you’ll come back later, you could end up paying WAY more than you are today. I may not be able to keep this price so low forever. Do it now while you’re thinking of it and you’ll be good to go throughout your speaking career.



This package could easily sell for over $500…
To get this type of category-specific contract details, you’d need to hire an attorney for at least that amount and then you’d only get one contract. The normal price is $197 and even that is a deal, BUT you get EVERY speaker contract template in this valuable package today for…
ONLY $97!


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Coaching Agreement Template for Clients

As you may already know, when you speak and audience members fall in love with you and your ideas, you are going to get new clients for your business, so you might as well be ready! This client agreement has the details you need spelled out so you can get started working with your clients sooner and focusing on paperwork less. 


Speaking Referral Request Template

Meeting planners are going to fall in love with you. Speaking often leads to more speaking and the next gig is waiting for you – when you get a referral from the meeting planner who hired you in the first place. This letter / email can be sent to the person you worked with and will help you get in front of more meeting planners, to get you more gigs.


Speaking Invoice Template

It’s an exciting day when you get to send off an invoice for your speaking. Big companies (like the ones who will be hiring YOU to speak!) require an invoice in order for you to get paid and you’ve got to get on their pay schedule. This template has all the details you need on an invoice so you get paid what you were promised and that payment makes it to exactly where you want it – in your hands!


From Free to Fee Webinar Training

If you’re not totally sure you’re ready to stop speaking for free and start getting paid, this training lays out EXACTLY what you need to do so you can begin charging for your speaking and make money just for showing up and doing your thing on stage.


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Regina Baker


“Speakers! – Your System is Incomplete Until You Have These Checklists!”

“No more trying to figure out what to say, how to say it, when to say it and who to say it to, with these fabulous 9 well-designed contract templates (and bonus templates) for speakers. Whether you’re an emcee, panelist, break out presenter or keynoter, this is everything you need to put in place for your speaking career right now!”

Consultant & Executive Assistant to Authors, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs



“This resource has streamlined my processes and elevated my level of professionalism! “

Wow! I did not realize that there was a resource like this that provided every kind of contract I can think of for my speaking business right in one place. We spend so much energy and time trying to find and book speaking engagements, but often do not put much thought into what happens afterward to ensure a great experience for our clients. Every communication, including contracts that we have with meeting planners shape their perception of who we are.  Having this resource has streamlined my processes and elevated my level of professionalism.

President of the Black Speakers Network

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This package regularly sells for $197… but for a LIMITED TIME ONLY you can save 50% and get the entire package – 6 speaker contract templates PLUS all the bonuses – for just $67! Act NOW and these Contracts for Speakers AND all the resources listed on this page for only $97!



Now Hear This:


The contract templates in this package are not to be considered a substitute for legal counsel. Felicia Slattery is not an attorney and is not qualified to offer legal advice. The contract templates in this package are what Felicia Slattery personally uses for her own business. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to release Felicia Slattery from all liability related to the use of these contract templates and agree to use these at your own risk. Whew.


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