Build Your Business in Your Own Backyard By Becoming A
Local Celebrity!
You’ll Be Able to Charge More Plus Attract More & Higher Quality Clients When You Become the Trusted Person People in Your Market “See Everywhere”

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Dear Aspiring Local Celebrity,

Imagine this: your business is booming. You have more clients than you can handle, with a waiting list. You have thousands of subscribers to your email list. You have speaking gig offers coming in so often and frequently, you decide to accept only the very best of the best – and you’re still as busy as you’d like to be on stages. Above all, you’re making the income you desire, supporting yourself and your family, doing the work you absolutely love to do and know God put you on this planet to do.

Being a local celebrity means more of everything good in your business:

  • You get more local opportunities
  • You get more speaking gigs
  • You can charge more
  • People respect your time more
  • You get more clients
  • Local celebrity leads to broader reach
Exclusively for business owners who want to stand out in your local community – and become known as the go-to person for what you do by gaining Local Celebrity Status. With this all-new training, you’ll learn exactly how to use FREE tools available to business owners to become a celebrity in your own town to grow your business.
Why Go Local:
When you focus on going local you enjoy a few perks like:

Easier to Expand: Once you “own your local area, you can easily go national or international

Less Competition: At the local level there aren’t as many people doing what you do

Plenty of Money Locally: Imagine everyone in your area who needs you hires you – wow!

Ultimate Convenience: No need to deal with travel hassles, delays, or extra stress

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Felicia Slattery’s Local Celebrity Blueprint
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  • You Get This PROVEN Local Celebrity Blueprint  PLUS All the Bonuses You See Below – ALL for Just $67!
Included in This 9-Video Training Series PLUS Checklists, Templates, and Examples:
  • The true power of local celebrity and how it can benefit your business and your life
  • The fastest way to begin building your local celebrity that you can leverage for years to come
  • 3 most important marketing assets you need for building local celebrity
  • The power of the local press which will propel you to local celebrity
  • The most common mistake in the lingo of the local journalist and PR that almost every rookie makes – and is sure to kill any chance you had of getting your news release printed
  • 7 reasons for writing and submitting a press release that the local media will want to print about you
  • 6 elements in a professionally-written press release that anyone can use to craft their own
  • 5 Places to send and post your press release for the greatest immediate and ongoing impact
  • Felicia’s secret to having your press release distributed around the internet in less than 5 minutes per release
  • The skinny on publicists for becoming a local celebrity, when you need one and when you don’t
  • The simple 4-step process to be a guest on local TV
  • How to write an irresistible hook for local TV, the top 5 hooks TV producers love with real, current examples of how you CAN do this
  • All about the SINGLE ONE-PAGE document that will get you on local TV so when you talk to the decision maker you’ll sound like a pro
  • Who, when, and how to contact at the local TV station – including a word-for-word simple script so you know exactly what to say
  • 2 Distinct ways to get on local radio, and how to find the exact kind of listeners you want to hear your messages
    You’ll Also Discover:

  • What to do after they say YES to having you on TV and in studio (I *WISH* I had someone tell me these nitty gritty details before my first TV appearances)
  • TV appearance misconceptions and realities so you know what to expect for REAL
  • What to do, where to look, and how to conduct yourself professionally in-studio and during the interview so you don’t look like a baby deer in the headlights on live TV
  • The free and easy way to get your TV clip along with the safest way to ensure you definitely 100% get the video of your on-air interview
  • Where and how to leverage your TV interview for years to come
  • How to network in your town to become a local celebrity
  • Where to find the other, already established local celebs so you can quickly become associated with them and have them interested in connecting with YOU
  • The best kind of networking meetings to attend so instead of feeling like you’re wasting time, you are skyrocketing to local stardom
  • Strategic use of social media that will have you using the power of social media like a world-famous Hollywood celebrity


“Felicia Slattery and I have not only shared the stage many times speaking at the same events, we’ve also danced together, sung together, cruised together and met each other’s families. Felicia makes me laugh every day, but make no mistake about it: Felicia knows her stuff. Her content is always rock-solid and you will learn a lot from her. Her Local Celebrity Blueprint is exactly what you need when you want to stand out among the crowd locally – and if you want to grow beyond. I highly recommend my friend Felicia Slattery’s work. Get this now!”
~ Janis Pettit, Chief Results Coach, Small Business Big Results
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Note: It must be your lucky day! Due to an issue with some of our affiliates, we have decided to keep this sale open a little longer. Pick it up today before the countdown timer ends!

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BONUS #1: Success Press Release Samples

There’s a formula, rhythm, and flow to the way press releases work. After you see a few of these press releases that resulted in actual newspaper placements, you’ll know how yours needs to look and sound.

Bonus #2: 3 Fill-in-the-Blank Press Release Templates

You won’t be left to hack away at trying to do a press release all by yourself. You get a press release template for several different types of occasions that come up for businesses like yours:
 1. Press release template for when you host an event
 2. Press release template for when you emcee an event
 3. Press release template for when you speak at an event

Bonus #3: Press Release Checklist

When you want to write a press release on your own, this handy checklist covers what you need to include on every press release you prepare and send so you always look like a professional!

Bonus #4: Local Celebrity Business Card Checklist

Your business card is a powerful little marketing tool. When you’re out and about networking like a Local Celebrity, you’ve got to have a card that supports your celebrity status! Use this checklist to make sure you include the info you need – far beyond name, email and phone number – to help show you off and build your business.

Bonus #5: Interview with Radio Producer and Host Timothy D. Craggette

In this 30-minute interview you’ll hear from a long-time radio producer his strategy to get your own on-air radio show at a local radio station – that you can leverage to turn into a podcast, get subscribers and clients, get speaking gigs, and more. 

Bonus #6:
Successful TV Pitch Documents Samples

You’ll get the training in the program for what belongs in this document that you will use to get yourself booked as a guest on local TV, but THIS bonus brings you samples of exactly what a succesful pitch looks like. You see some beautifully formatted examples and some plain-vanilla examples – every one got someone booked on a TV program to become a local celebrity so you can model yours after any of them.


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