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Now, meet our guests:

Episode 6: Lindsey Hartz, Founder and Lead Marketing Consultant for Christian Authors and Publishers – Airs Live July 21, 2018

Today, running her own business, Lindsey Hartz is like a sherpa for book authors who want to launch and market their books to reach the greatest number of readers. Her background in corporate marketing and project management for a Fortune 500 company, her graduate degrees in business and project management, and her heart to serve fuel her business success.

The authors she works with feel God has given them a unique and beautiful ministry as a writer who want to reach the right audience with their message of hope and light. She helps them grow an author platform with integrity, intention, and strategy while attracting readers and building meaningful relationships with them to serve them well without becoming overwhelmed. Lindsey Hartz regularly shares resources, inspiration, and practical guidance with her vibrant community of faith-based authors in The Lightbearers Facebook group she runs.



Episode 5: Shelley Hitz, Best-Selling Author, Lettering and Watercolor Artist and Instructor – Airs Live July 14, 2018

Growing up, Shelley Hitz says she never saw herself as artistic or creative. S0, she never considered art as a career option – until she was 41 years old. Some might call her an “accidental artist,” but she says becoming an artist was definitely NOT an accident.

As the author of more than 40 books, Shelley Hitz has had two major career shifts. She started as a physical therapist and then later became a prolific author, which led to her working with other authors to teach them how to become successful, published authors themselves. But in 2016, while writing her book, Broken Crayons Still Color, she was looking for an artist to create coloring pages for the book. And that’s when she felt called by God to create her own work. After that… she became more and more involved with her art and today teaches online courses about art, speaks at art conferences, and has an online store where people can purchase her beautiful watercolors and inspirational greeting cards. You can see more of Shelley’s work on Instagram. She’s an amazing person and I’m thrilled to share her story with you!


Episode 4: Keith Galloway, High School Math Teacher Turned Certified Business Leadership Coach – Airs Live July 7, 2018

A former 3-sport athlete, including a collegiate national championship in basketball, valedictorian of his class, and going on to take a high school basketball team from being winless to winning a championship in just five years, Keith knows what it takes to compete and lead at the highest levels. While teaching math to high school students since 2004, Keith also began pursuing his passion for lessons in leadership. He’s earned multiple certifications, and has helped his business clients double their profits, double their teams, and enjoy more time away from their companies knowing their leadership teams are doing the work necessary to be successful.

During this interview, we’ll talk about how a guy with so much success in his career as a high school basketball coach and teacher decided to take on the risk of entrepreneurship, what his path has been, and his advice to others who may want to make a change..


Rich DeForest

Episode 3: Rich DeForest, Founder Networking Today International

As a serial entrepreneur, Rich DeForest has created, built and grown multiple companies over the years, always with an eye to his expertise in sales and marketing. He began Fanplicity as a way to help his clients market effectively to the best 20% of their customers using a systematic approach leveraging the individuality of social, digital, and mobile marketing and combining them into one unique system.

In addition to Fanplicity, Rich DeForest is also the founder of Networking Today International, which was started in 2013, at first to increase awareness of local businesses and stimulate the economy of the northwest Knoxville area known as Karns and Hardin Valley.

Rich says, ” I watched a great local restaurant close its doors due to a lack of exposure. Watching this moved me to do everything I could to make sure this would not be the result for any other local business!” With his heart for helping small businesses, his marketing skills and knowledge, and the connections he’s made, Networking Today International is now growing nationwide by leaps and bounds, with more than 45 chapters in 10 states, with a lofty goal of founding 1800 groups by the end of 2018. Rich DeForest and Networking Today International is the sponsor of the first volume and first edition of the “How Did You Get Started” book, due to be published by Felicia Slattery’s publishing company, ParkHill Press, by early September 2018. You can visit any Networking Today International group for free, or if there isn’t a group in your area, start your own group as a permanent leader (including a generous compensation and profit sharing plan), or peruse the directory of businesses who understand and value relationships with people.

Episode 2: Benecia Ponder, Publisher, Author, and Professional Speaker

Benecia Ponder, JD, began her career as an attorney. In order to earn that distinction, she had to overcome much, including blindness. Yet, she had a heart for something more. Her story of how she got from being a lawyer to where she is today, working as a publisher specializing in what’s known in the publishing industry as “low content books” like journals, workbooks, and planners is nothing short of inspiring.

Benecia Ponder is a sought after speaker, best-selling author and publisher dedicated to helping business professionals share their God-given gifts with those they are here to serve. An attorney who devoted her career to helping small businesses form and develop, Benecia Ponder has written two popular books: Prepare to Receive MORE! and Prosper In Your Purpose. Benecia Ponder has also been ghost writing for her clients since 2007. With creativity and passion she uses her organizational and analytical skills to bring her clients’ book writing and publishing dreams into reality.

Benecia Ponder is offering a free gift to the listeners of the “How Did You Get Started Show with Felicia Slattery.” She says it can be easier than you think to put together one of these powerful business boosting books. Sign up for your free 3-part video series to dive deeper and discover more.

Brent Parkhill (left) in his Flexx Fitness Personal Training Solutions studio, with trainer Rob Sanders (right).

Episode 1: Brent Parkhill, Certified Personal Trainer

Brent Parkhill, CEO and owner of Flexx Fitness Personal Training Solutions studio located in the Tellico Village area of Loudon, Tennessee started his career with an MBA, so it made sense for him to work in banking, and then later, sales. Although he was great at sales, he wasn’t passionate about his work. Hear his story about what was happening in his life that he made the shift, and how he got to where he is now: the owner of a successful studio with two trainers and a massage therapist. He’ll share a few tips on what people interested in becoming trainers can do to get started on that path. Listen live in East Tennessee – Knoxville area on 92.3 FM or 760 AM. Or listen live online at

First Show Airing: Saturday, June 16, 2018

The “How Did You Get Started Show with Felicia Slattery” will air live in Knoxville, Tennessee every Saturday morning from 11:30 AM -Noon on Talk Radio 92.3 FM and AM 760. Felicia, the #1 best-selling author of “Kill the Elevator Speech,” will be interviewing guests who LOVE their work and sharing stories of how they got started in the work they love to do. Be ready for some ideas, a healthy dose of inspiration – and a little bit of fun! You’ll hear some golden nuggets of goodness to help you build a life you love with work you feel passionate about doing while serving people with your own unique blend of gifts, skills, and abilities. Remember, don’t ask people what they do for a living – ask them how they got started – and watch true connection unfold.

The first episode includes an introduction to Felicia Slattery and how she got started as a speaker, an author, and a professional consultant.  Her first guest will appear in the second part of the episode and will be Brent Parkhill, Certified Personal Trainer, and Owner of Flexx Fitness Personal Training Solutions studio located in Tellico Village – Lenoir City in East Tennessee. (He also happens to be Felicia’s husband!)

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