You Were Made to Be Courageous

You Were Made to Be Courageous

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The alarm went off at 6:30AM Eastern time this morning, but I didn’t need it because the unmistakable aroma of coffee wafted into my room, where I luxuriated in a cloud of fluffy covers and down pillows, waking me gently, reminding me, I’m away from home, in a place where anticipation and excitement for learning and connection awaited a few floors below.

When I headed into the conference room, I found my seat at the back of the room, with the other speakers and faculty presenters who had ventured into the room. This morning I had the pleasure of sitting back and enjoying the opening keynote speaker.

As he was speaking, one thing he said resonated with me and inspired this post. And it was something he said in passing.

Side note:
That’s the thing about being a speaker:

YOU might think your topic is one thing, but your audience members will take away all kinds of cool messages you didn’t even realize were going to be important to someone!

Back to what inspired me… the speaker talked about how when we are born, we are born with courage, which reminded me of the title of the Casting Crowns song, “You Were Made to Be Courageous.” You can enjoy the video and beautiful message below.

Too many people are hiding their genius and the messages they have inside them. And it’s so sad because the truth is you were made to be brave, strong, powerful and courageous. STOP DOING THAT!

If you’re not sure what your genius is, one of my colleagues and best friends, Tony Laidig, author of 21 Ways to Skyrocket Your Creativity, and I are teaming up to teach a brand new course called, “Your Genius Factor.” We’ll we showing you how to find your message, and when you do you’ll feel your courage because you’ll be so excited you won’t want to keep it inside. That’s when I’ll come in and share how to get that message out to the world.

Check out the course and join us. Find your genius. Feel your courage. And get your message out to the people who need you.





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