Where to Find Speaking Opportunities for International Events

Where to Find Speaking Opportunities for International Events

Professional speakers often have the same or similar questions. The most common of those is: “where can I find speaking opportunities?”

Today’s question comes from a Facebook group of professional speakers. The woman who asked the question added a twist. She wondered about international speaking gigs. Here is the question and my answer, which seems to be very popular based on the number of thank yous and responses I’ve received. Maybe it will help you, too!


“I’m ready to start traveling to speak and I was wondering if you know where I can find speaking opportunities at events, retreats, organizations, etc. I’ve had speaking engagements before and hosted women’s retreats but I now have more flexibility to travel anywhere in the world to do this. I’m a [specific kind of] coach for [target market] with a focus on helping [target market acheive specific goal]. My speaking has covered areas like [various topics].”


The answer is direct marketing.

Almost every association in the country has a meeting or event they need speakers for. You’re clear on your topic now get clear on your audience (don’t say anyone or whoever will pay you!).

Then be sure your marketing materials are up to snuff:
– Demo video / sizzle reel
– pro photos
– one sheet
– website
– LinkedIn profile (that’s the only one meeting planners really look at)
– testimonials
– your book

Then come up with a creative / interesting marketing campaign. It can be around a season or holiday or have a specific theme (corporate jungle for example).

Create a lumpy mail campaign and send it to the targeted people at the associations.

You can also use Google to find events. Type in “conference for [market]” or seminar or event … the key is to see if they are an annual event. If so then you can market to them for next year.

So many ways.

Good luck!

PS If you want to be sure your marketing materials have everything they need, I created a Speaker Marketing Checklist Bundle. It contains 9 complete checklists with specific details and training so you know EXACTLY what speakers bureaus and meeting planners are looking for in your marketing materials.

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