How to Become a Podcast Guest – And Look Like a Pro

How to Become a Podcast Guest – And Look Like a Pro

What you see pictured here is my new podcast and radio segment proposal one sheet I completed recently featuring my new colors, photo, and upcoming book topic.

See, one way to get your name “out there” and in front of a lot of people in your niche easily and have it working for you over the long-term is by being a podcast guest.

In fact, that same week, while I was suffering from the debilitating effects of food poisoning and barely working at all (yuck – sorry), I finished the one-sheet you see here and here’s what happened for my business:

  • Was featured on because a writer for them had interviewed me for his podcast months ago, liked what I said, and decided to quote me in a new article. That’s one more international media feather for my cap plus more traffic and interest in what I do. Free. Up forever.
  • Been officially invited to speak on FOUR podcasts.
  • Been referred with direct and private introductions to speak on another SIX podcasts.
  • Received more subscribers (welcome if that’s you!), and more sales: all while not even turning on the computer a couple days.

While starting a podcast is all the rage these days, and of course can be great for your business, honestly, I much prefer being the guest because it’s so much less work and you get a lot of benefits from being the guest (see above for some possibilities!).

If you’re not sure how to even go about being a podcast guest, here are a few steps for you:

  1. Research the best podcasts for your niche. Use Google or go straight to iTunes or to look for podcasts tailor-made for your audience. You can also ask on social media what shows people like or if they have any favorites in your niche.
  2. Determine what your show / interview will entail. If you were to be interviewed on a podcast, what would you talk about? If you’ve written a book, that’s an easy and obvious choice. If you are in any part of the process of writing a book, that would work well, too. Or you could discuss the topic of whatever you give away for free online to new subscribers, mistakes you see people in your field making, scams to avoid, or simply provide other tips, steps or useful info in your own unique way.
  3. Create a segment proposal one sheet. The more professional it looks, the more likely you’ll be invited to be on the top shows. Make it easy on yourself: use one of my Speaker One-Sheet Templates for the professional design, and model mine above.
  4. Market yourself. Post your completed segment / interview proposal one sheet on your blog, on social media (don’t forget inside various groups where podcast hosts are LOOKING for experts like you!), and even write a press release about it. Make sure to ask your friends to please share it and help you spread the word you’re available for interviews!

And that’s it! Those are the exact steps you can follow to get yourself featured on as many podcasts as you like. You’ll get benefits like improved SEO (more links to your website), more visibility, more subscribers, more speaking requests, more clients, and on and on.

how to be a podcast guestIf you want to be a podcast guest and want to look like a pro doing it, pick up my all new Perfect Podcast Guest Training and Checklist Bundle available for a short time for a song. You can see a preview of it here. It’s pretty snazzy and the training is what I wish I’d known when I started being invited to be a guest on podcasts. (And yes the image is blurred out purpose – don’t adjust your screen or call your eye doctor for a better prescription!)

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