[Creating Connections] Are You An Author, A Speaker, or An Expert?

[Creating Connections] Are You An Author, A Speaker, or An Expert?


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Top O’ St Paddy's GirlsThe Mornin’ To You!

Last weekend we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a fantastic feast at my sister’s house. We all dressed up in our green and had a little extra fun, too! I posted another photo on Facebook too, where you can see my Dad and me with the girls. Although everyone’s Irish on St. Paddy’s Day, you see, the Slattery family are descendants of Irish kings in the Heremon line of the Clan O’Slatraigh. The name comes from the Gaelic “slatra” meaning strong. That means, when you put my first name with my last name, it means the Happy Strong one. I’ll take it! LOL

Busy Speaking Week for Me – All About Testimonials

Today is the third day in a row I’m speaking to my coach’s members-only audience on a topic he saw me casually mention on Facebook a few weeks ago. He got so excited about it, he contacted me, asked me to put together a speech and a product … and what a whirlwind couple of weeks came after that! Thanks to Steve Sipress for the idea and the opportunity and to Disk.com for getting the manufacturing and production end of things done, I now have a brand new product called Cash in on Testimonials. Look for more info on that product coming soon. I think you’ll like it; I’ve been averaging 80% close rate in the room, which means the other  For now… I have to hurry and get ready for my speaking gig this morning and masterminding after that! Life is good and I am truly blessed!

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Kill The Elevator Speech: Stop Selling, Start Connecting Book
In case you missed it, my next book, which I have been having a fabulous time researching and writing, is one of my hot projects now. I’m using this section of my ezine to keep myself accountable and finally get the manuscript done and to my publisher. My goal is to get to 40,000 words (good ones, not just a bunch of baloney to up the word count). So each edition, in this spot, I’ll tell you where I am with my current word count. You may not even pay attention to it, but I’ll know. This week’s word count: 22,547.

Feature Article: Are You An Author, A Speaker, or An Expert
I train a lot of speakers, authors, and experts. And when I hear these typically brilliant folks introduce themselves to a room full of people at a networking meeting, for example, I hear many of them make a big mistake that could be costing them business and speaking gigs even. Read this edition’s fresh article for exactly what that is and to see if you’re making that error too. Then you’ll see how to introduce yourself more effectively so you don’t miss out on any opportunities!

Enjoy and until next time, happy speaking!


Feature Article: Are You An Author, A Speaker, Or An Expert?

felicia“What do you do?”

Oh the dreaded question! The result of that question tends to lead to a few answers, some of which would include an “elevator speech.” As I’m working on a book called “Kill the Elevator Speech,” you can imagine how I feel about THAT! However what should you say if you are a speaker, an author, and have expertise in a particular area?

As a speaking coach and trainer of fellow professional speakers, a lot of folks I work with identify themselves as professional speakers, as well they should. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes I see is too many smart people who are speakers, keep it to themselves. They don’t broadcast it enough and they don’t share that they are, in fact speakers.

That’s such a shame, because if YOU don’t tell people what you do, they will never guess. And then you will never be invited to speak. So you HAVE to tell people you are a speaker, which is why this article is about to take an interesting turn…

Too often I see brilliant people who have extensive expertise in a particular area introduce themselves at meetings or in groups as a “speaker and author.” If that’s your only chance to share who you are and what you do, using those exact words is a mistake.

You’re not saying enough!

Of course you should say that you are a speaker and author. But if you stop there, the main question of those listening to you in that moment is, “What do you speak and write about?” But if you’re in a room where people aren’t able to stop you to ask and you just continue on, you’re missing a major opportunity to share your main area of expertise.

How to solve this is very simple: after you say, “I’m a speaker and an author,” add, “…author of [your book title] and I teach [or train or consult or coach or whatever you do] people about [your area of expertise.]” After you add that small bit, which by the way is not an elevator speech, but simply a more complete introduction to a group, now you’ve finally added in the information that people need to know about you. You’re giving them the words to remember about you.

Yes speaker and author is good, but you have to be known for your expertise first and then people can know you are also a speaker and author, which only amps up your expertise.

Today’s article is short & sweet. Take action on this and remember — to be successful don’t think in terms of “or” think in terms of AND. So you are an author, a speaker AND an expert and people deserve to know it so you can serve them in the ways only you best can.


Upcoming Events:

March 7 & 8, 2013: Signature Speech for Authors. Intensive Virtual All-Day Workshop.

March 18, 19 & 20, 2013: Chicagoland’s Sharpest Entrepreneurs, Featured Speaker: Testimonial Gold: How to Give an Excellent, Impressive, and Useful Testimonials.

April 9 & 11, 2013: Sponsorship for Speakers with Shannon Cherry. Mini Course. More details coming soon.

Macrh-May, 2013:  The Get Healthy Summit. Featured Speaker. Virtual training open to the public.

September 11, 2013: Chicagoland Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Featured Speaker: Credibility and Cash Flow.



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