Busy Season(s) for Speakers

Busy Season(s) for Speakers

In case you’ve ever wondered if there’s a pattern to how meeting planners contact experts and speakers for their events, there is!

Predictably, there are several times of the year when over the past 10 years of speaking professionally I can expect my proverbial phone to ring, which usually means my email or social media private message inbox blow up with invitations to speak and be interviewed.

This week is one of them. (I’ll explain why below.)

After you’ve built up some momentum in your business, meaning you’ve met some people, you’ve spoken a few times, you’ve been blogging or posting videos regularly, you’re communicating with people on social media, and so on, event planners and also podcast hosts start thinking of you when it comes time to plan for their speakers and guests. THAT’S how you know your marketing efforts are TRULY paying off.

But what if you’re just getting started and you’re not sure what to do to make the phone ring?

Well, when you know the predictable times many event planners are actually contacting speakers to get them booked, you can be in front of that curve and have something on their desks in advance of that moment!

So, without any further ado here are the times of the year meeting planners and podcast hosts make their calls to book speakers like you:

happy new yearNew Year’s Day: I know that sounds weird, but many people take this day-after-the-main-holiday as a day to catch up on work missed from the holidays, and get ahead on, well, the New Year. If you’re an established speaker with a network of connections, you already know, the first few days of the New Year represent a flurry of activity. It stays busy through the first couple of days after kids go back to school, which means, whether you have kids or not, it’s good to be aware of things like that for your marketing.

After New Year’s Day, most late winter and spring events are already well-planned. So the next BIG push comes:

The week after July 4th: People are busy throughout the spring, when many annual events tend to take place. After 7-4-2004 independence day girls in golf cartthose events, meeting planners take a little time off, and then right after Independence day in the US, they get back to work and start planning their events for the last quarter of the year through the middle of the following year.

Then comes the dog days of summer. People have their minds on baseball and barbecue, family reunions and fun. Until…

Back to School Time: This can actually cover a few weeks, because in the southern part of the US, where it’s insanely HOT in August, kids go back to school early. Then of course traditional college classes start.  And then many schools wait until the week after Labor Day in the US to begin. So the back-to-school period can last from the second week of August through the week or so after Labor Day.

speaking with propsBetween Thanksgiving and Christmas: Now you’re thinking, “NO WAY!” But the truth is, some of the super-organized event planners, which tend to be a lot because a person needs to be organized to plan all the moving parts that go with an event, like to get as much off their plates as possible before the New Year comes along. Admittedly, of the four busiest times of the year to get invited to speak, this is the least busy of the four, but every year, like clockwork, usually around the week after Thanksgiving, I get invitations to speak. They could be procrastinators looking for someone for the spring events, or super-organized folks planning past April and into the third and fourth quarters of the upcoming year. It doesn’t matter. What you need to know is THIS is the time event planners are looking for speakers!

Now you can plan ahead. Use the time in between to build up your marketing. Write your blog posts and books. Shoot your videos. Develop your speaker one sheet, your website, and your lumpy mail campaigns. And continue to build your credibility and confidently communicate to the world that YOU are a speaker and YOU are prepared to rock their audience’s world with your awesome self!

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