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Speaker One Sheet Question: How Many Pages Should A Speaker Sheet Be? – Felicia Slattery, Public Speaking Coach

Speaker One Sheet Question: How Many Pages Should A Speaker Sheet Be?

Speaker One Sheet Question: How Many Pages Should A Speaker Sheet Be?

Speaker one sheets are a powerful tool professional and emerging speakers need to market their businesses.

Many speakers know this, but they aren’t sure where to start, how to use them, what should be on them, etc. You can see that confusion in a question recently posted to Facebook (recognize the blue background as one of the Facebook color posts?!). One of my friends and colleages (thanks, Diane Conklin!) tagged me on the post so I could see it and answer. Here’s what I replied:

Meeting planners are busy people (aren’t we all!), so they want to see at a glance if your topic and presentation is going to be a good fit for their event and audience. Anything longer and they usually don’t look past the first page anyway, and it may look like you’re trying too hard (I heard that from a meeting planner, in fact!).

Therefore you should never have more than a front side and possibly, depending on your experience or content for the one sheet, a back side to your speaker one sheet. Here are some guidelines for you:

New and Emerging Speakers

New and emerging speakers without much experience don’t need more than one page, single sided. That will fit everything you need on there nicely including your photo, name, bio, and details of your program. Make sure it matches your branding (website, book, social media, other promotional materials, etc.) and has your contact info on it.

Charlie Cardin Dating Violence Speaker

Example of Page 1 of a Speaker One Sheet

Experienced Speakers

More experienced speakers may have more testimonials they want to share, more photos of themselves, want to put a list of other possible

talks, and share client logos, media logos, membership logos, etc. While it is easily possible to get some of that onto a one sheet with a single side, it might be more effective to put some on the reverse side as well.

For All Speakers: Other Ways to Use a Double-Sided Speaker One Sheet

Example of Page 2 of a Speaker One Sheet

Another way to use a second side, regardless of your experience:

  • add a fact guide about the problem you solve with a list of details
  • add a list of statistics about the problem you solve
  • add a small infographic on the back side
  • include screen shots of social media testimonials about you and/or your speaking
  • depending on the type of presentation you do, you can include images of you “at work” or that represent your expertise; for example let’s say you’re a parenting coach, you could use images of you with your kids

Bottom line: your speaker one sheet can be a POWERFUL marketing tool for you OR it could stop a meeting planner from ever considering you. It’s got to be professional, clear, and represent you and what you bring to an audience.

If you’d like to make it easy for yourself to put together your own speaker one sheet, you can use one of the templates I have at SpeakerOneSheetTemplates.com.

Beyond that, perhaps you need help figuring out what all of your speaker marketing should look like. If that’s you, check out my best-selling Speaker Marketing Checklist Bundle for a set of 9 checklists to help you put together not only your speaker one sheet, but ALL of your professional speaker marketing materials so you look like a pro.

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