How Committed Are You to Your Message?

How Committed Are You to Your Message?

Felicia Slattery and Monks of the Dali LamaLast weekend was our town’s annual Christmas Walk, where they shut down Main Street, have all sorts of family fun activities, food vendors line the streets, and local merchants keep their doors open later than usual.

One of the shops in out town was hosting a group of eight Tibetan Buddhist monks.  These guys were all ordained by the Dalai Lama himself and typically live together with about 2,000 brothers in their monastery near the Himalayan Mountains.

These eight monks didn’t go rogue or want to find some good deals on holiday gifts… they’re on a mission to accomplish three goals and they came all the way to the US to do it:

  1. To spread their message of peace and harmony across all cultures, countries, and religions.
  2. To bring awareness of their struggle to Free Tibet from the tyranny and human rights violations of communist China.
  3. To raise funds to support their cause to provide basic needs to the monks back in the monastery.

In order to achieve their goals, the monks are visiting cities across the US during their 10-month tour where they spend theTibetan Monk Mandalair days praying, selling small trinkets for fund raising, and creating beautiful sand art known as a mandala. As you can see a mandala is a beautiful piece of circular artwork that is designed for a purpose. The purpose of the mandala created in my town was to promote world peace.  Each of the sections of the mandala have a special meaning all related to their purpose. The grains of colored sand are laid down using a precise tool that allows them to create fine lines and words.

Here’s what I found most interesting: after the monks create the mandala, working on this particular piece for eight hours per day for three days in a row, they then destroy the art and return the sand to the earth where it came from.

Wow.  All that work literally washed away in the river.

As the monks shared their message, I started thinking about their level of commitment to their message.  Think about what they are doing to spread their message and ask yourself if you would do the same.  They:

  • Left the safety and familiarity of their home and their country to travel to the other side of the globe.
  • Are going to be gone from home, friends, and country for a total of 10 months.
  • Had to learn a new and vastly different language in order to communicate effectively.

Tibetan Monks and Free SpeechHere they are, delivering their own Signature Speech — the leader being interpreted by a fellow monk who learned a bit more English, and they are committed to getting their message out to the world.

When you are passionate about your message and committed to having as many people know about you and what you do as possible, public speaking is THE WAY to make sure you are heard.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to travel half way around the world in order to find those who need to hear your message.  You can do it in your own and local towns by creating your unique Signature Speech.  Is your Signature Speech ready to deliver at a moment’s notice so when you get your chance to spread your message you can take it?  If you are truly committed to your message, you’ll find a way to share it.  Public speaking allows you to do that quickly and efficiently.

This week I am launching a brand new version of my trademark, Signature Speech training called Signature Speech Mastery.  If you’re not sure what a Signature Speech is or to find out how to get started with one TODAY visit and download a free mp3 to find out more.  You’ll also be on the priority notification list for all program details.

Because when you’re committed to your message and you use public speaking to get the word out… you have a powerful combination indeed! Just ask the monks.

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