Watch Me on TV – in Knoxville, Tennessee

Watch Me on TV – in Knoxville, Tennessee

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speaking on TVMy in-laws live in East Tennessee and for years we’ve been visiting at least a couple times a year to enjoy the beautiful area and attractions and for some much-needed R&R – not to mention family time with my hubby’s awesome Mom & Dad.

But this year is different.

Just before my cancer diagnosis last year, I committed to myself that I would reach out more and share my message with local TV audiences. Even though one of my dearest friends, Shannon Cherry, is a publicity and PR genius, having gotten 3 of her clients on the Oprah Show back when it was on the air, I still took a class on how to write a segment proposal and the correct process to follow. Why? Because I knew if I wanted to learn something I needed a class.

Then, of course, my plans were derailed. So when I came back – stronger and better than ever! – I recommitted to my goal.

As I write this, I’m about to go to bed setting the alarm for 4AM because tomorrow my dream becomes a reality. And the next day, too!

That’s right! Not only did I score one, but two TV appearances. The main concept is the same, but the content I’ll be sharing is slightly different to suit each audience (sound familiar? Of course it does, it’s how I teach my folks to write speeches!). I’m practicing my responses and will be ready for my big spots!!

All of this was precipitated by the sheer will to get it done and the relationships I am blessed to have that made it happen.

Someday soon I may hold a teleseminar to share the story of how it all came together, because it’s really amazing to see relationship-building the way I teach it work the way it always does so very well. Plus, it’s pretty exciting!

Look for video soon!

I’m off to rehearse and get some sleep. That 4AM alarm will be coming all too soon! Wish me luck 🙂

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