#15MinSprint Your Way to Success in 4th Quarter Success Challenge!

#15MinSprint Your Way to Success in 4th Quarter Success Challenge!

Wow! The response I’ve been getting to my 4th quarter challenge has been amazing! Yay for you if you’re joining me by publicly announcing that “you’re in” on my previous blog post or if you’re silently following along. Whatever you do… just take some action and git ‘er done!!

TimerToday I’m sharing with you a strategy I want us to use to help keep focus and get more done — possibly in less time. I call it my 15 Minute Sprint.

Now I will share with you, this idea is not mine entirely, although I did grab the hashtag for Twitter :-). If you’re following me on Twitter you’ll see where I announce I’m getting ready for a #15MinSprint. And then when to begin.

Here are the simple rules:

  1. Grab a timer. I use my iPhone because I always have it with me. You can use a kitchen timer, your cell phone, whatever is handy — set it for 15 minutes.
  2. Turn off ALL distractions. During this 15 minutes you are to focus on 1 TASK ONLY!!  That’s it.  Just the one.  That means no email, no Tweetdeck (I know who you are!), no phone calls.  FOCUS on your 1 project.  I mean, really, it’s only 15 minutes.  The world can wait.
  3. Be accountable. Share with us here on the blog that you’re doing your #15MinSprint.  Or share with your Twitter followers.  I’ll be creating a special column for #15MinSprint-ers so I can track for you and cheer you on!
  4. Plan only 3 #15MinSprint sessions per hour. Why? Because you need to take a break occasionally.  We work at home for goodness sakes! Get a cuppa tea or coffee, read your email, tweet, chit chat with a girlfriend, throw in a load of laundry… whatever you want to do. But don’t plan more than 3 #15MinSprint sessions per hour.  Trust me.  With those 3 — in 2 hours you’ll get done more than you have in a day other times!
  5. Organize Your Day. As you look at your list of to-dos prioritize what you need to get done and then make sure you do those things.  Have no more than 3-5 “need to dos” for the day.  Then add an extra “would be nice to do” — something like cleaning out your inbox, filing, sorting thru a pile on your desk, etc.  Even if you don’t get the full task done, you’ll be amazed what can happen with just 15 minutes!

Ok– so those are the rules.  Simple, right?  I wrote this post in during a #15MinSprint.  What will you do with yours?  Comment below & go go go!!!


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  1. DeAnna Troupe January 27, 2010 at 5:51 am - Reply

    I’m in! I need to use this to finish writing my ebook about twitter.

  2. Dr. Niama L. Williams October 16, 2009 at 12:51 pm - Reply

    I love the idea of 15 minute sprints. I am going to try my first one now. I want to send out an Evite about my workshops tomorrow. I’ve never done an evite before, so there will be a learning curve. Nevertheless, I’m going to give the next 15 minutes over to trying it out.

    Ready, set, go and thank you, Felicia, for the idea!

    Love and blessings,
    Dr. Ni

  3. Daphne October 8, 2009 at 5:10 pm - Reply


    This is awesome. I know all about blocking time, but it is so hard to implement. Distractions are everywhere. The 15 minutes sprints are easy to do, and even I can do that for 2 hours. I started today and even got my desk clean. (Although that did take longer than 15 minutes.)

    I will continue with this concept and am looking forward to many productive 15 minute sprints!

    Thanks, Daphne

  4. Duncan Brodie October 8, 2009 at 12:44 pm - Reply

    Hi Felicia

    Really thought this was a great piece. It’s a very simple concept yet at the same time very powerful.

    I remember when I worked in one of the Big Four accountancy firms we had to account for every 15 minute block in the day. While it sometimes felt tedious, it certainly helped keep focus.

    Your point about no more than 3 15 minute sprints in an hour is spot on. All too easy to think that we can keep going when in truth we can only hold our attention in short blocks.

    Thanks for such a great post.

    Duncan Brodie

  5. Jeremie October 8, 2009 at 4:26 am - Reply

    This is a great idea. I have, in the past, ran action days where I try to get people to commit to doing something similar to this for 4 or more hours at a time with hourly check ins. Quite often people are hesitant to make that sort of commitment so I love the idea of doing accountability check ins within a smaller time frame.

    You can get a lot done in 15 minutes and I think most of us need to be reminded of just how much we can do in such a short amount of time.

    I will be keeping my eye on twitter for these, and although I set weekly, not daily, action lists this should help me be more productive in the days to come.

    Looking forward to it.


  6. Rafael Marquez October 6, 2009 at 4:24 pm - Reply

    Love this concept! I’m going to implement it, but I think my girlfriend might get upset if I talk to another girlfriend



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