A Baker’s Dozen of Gifts!

A Baker’s Dozen of Gifts!

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Have you been baking for the holidays?

Baker's Dozen

I have been in the kitchen making all sorts of goodies from lemon biscotti to caramel toffee popcorn to cranberry apple bread.  And this weekend I plan to bake dozens of cookies!

The idea of a baker’s dozen is interesting. It’s a dozen plus one.  The concept stems from a time in history when bakers could be fined at the least or have a hand cut off or worse for cheating on the amount of baked goods in a customer’s order. So bakers would add an extra to be on the safe side. More recently, bakers continued making extra just in case one of the baked goods was ruined in the making.

Fast forward to today.  My friend, Tammy Landau, the Renegade Business Coach, has created a special giveaway event for small business owners who work with clients.  In the spirit of giving extra she’s pulled together 13 gifts — that’s a baker’s dozen– all designed to help you get more clients!

Of course all the gifts are free and there are some really great things you just gotta see. Of course there’s something from me, but others, too like Alicia Forest, Christian Mickelson, and Sandra de Freitas to name a few.

Pick them up at her special giveaway page.

And now back to my regularly scheduled baking 🙂

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