Make Money Speaking THIS WEEKEND – Follow These Simple Steps

Make Money Speaking THIS WEEKEND – Follow These Simple Steps

kachingbuttonWouldn’t it be great to move into June with some more cash in your pocket? Well, before this weekend is over, you can and here’s how.
In my best-selling book, 21 Ways to Make Money Speaking, Ways 10 and 11 both offer ways for you to make money this weekend and in this email I’ll show you exactly how.
If you want more than just a brief overview of 2 of the 21 Ways, you can also join my upcoming 21 Ways to Make Money Speaking Fast Action Group.

Way 10 is Present a Webinar and Way 11 is Virtual Workshop. You can offer either one this weekend and end up with more money in your account before your head hits the pillow Sunday night. Just follow these simple steps and tips:

  1. Choose your content. Base your choice on what your customers or clients tell you they are interested in, want more of, or have questions about. For a last-minute webinar or workshop like this, make your life easier by selecting content, slides,or worksheets you already have prepared. Or simply make it a live free Q/A session. No prep for you!Way 11: If you already have a workshop fully prepared with a sales page ready to roll, simply tweak the sales page to reflect the date (see #2 below), and offer a reason for people to pay you to join the class at the last minute such as a discount or special added bonus. You make money to speak on the front end with this by people paying to take your workshop.

    Way 10: If you don’t yet have a workshop and/or a sales page in place, then offer a free webinar or teleseminar where you provide the phone number and/or link to join your presentation. Then during the call sell something. It can be a physical or digital product, a book, a past set of recordings you’ve done, or even your coaching service. Give listeners a reason to buy on the spot and an easy way to pay – set up a buy button on your website and you’ll make money then and there!

  2. Determine your schedule. Virtual weekend events are most well-attended on either Saturday mornings or Sunday evenings. Choose one of those times for highest attendance, keeping in mind when you are at your best: early bird or night owl!
  3. Invite people. If you have an email list of subscribers, invite them for sure. Acknowledge that this is the last minute and make it an exciting opportunity; some ideas: “stop the presses!” or “this just in!” or “I’ve never done this before!” or something else fun. Regardless of if you have subscribers or not, also invite people via social media. Announce your presentation on every account you have and all the groups you’re in (that allow you to post invites): LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube… Make sure people know the topic and give them a reason to attend. 21 Ways to Make Money Speaking by Felicia Slattery
  4. Speak at your event and make money! Cha-ching!!
Simple as that!
I hope these tips have inspired you to make money this weekend. If you do it, let me know in the comments below so I can feature you in an upcoming blog post during my Effective Communications Month celebration.
If you thought these tips were helpful, grab you seat now in my 21 Ways to Make Money Speaking Fast Action summer evening program because we’re going to dive deep and I’ll show you all kinds of ways you can be making money using any type of speaking you love.
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  1. Brian Basilico May 31, 2013 at 4:34 pm - Reply

    Good advice. Just curious what your pricing structure is for weekend webinars vs weekday? Same, less, more?

    • Felicia Slattery June 1, 2013 at 2:55 pm - Reply

      Hi Brian!
      Thanks for stopping by. I’d say that’s really up to you. You could either offer a special discount for people who came just to the weekend event or create a special bonus for them and keep your pricing the same. I probably would not charge more for the same thing, but another thought is you could combine a couple of packages together and then offer the package for more than you’d get for either one separately. Your goal with a weekend last-minute webinar or workshop is to get people to attend – and also possibly to remember that you had such a great offer and presentation so the next time you do a weekend special they’ll be sure to come back.

      Hope that helps!

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