[ECM Client Feature]: Michelle Sanchez: Show People You Genuinely Care

[ECM Client Feature]: Michelle Sanchez: Show People You Genuinely Care

MichelleSanchez-500Michelle’s experience includes running a multi-million dollar company and owning her own business as a Professional Organizer. After an accident and long-term illness, her journey to health led her to discover natural health alternatives, which in turn led her to discover income alternatives as a Direct Sales-Network Marketing Professional/Coach/Consultant/Trainer/Speaker as well as a Health & Weight Loss Coach & Consultant, Certified Dream Coach®, Social Media Coach & Consultant and Bestselling Co-Author of “Wake Up Women: Be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy.” Michelle’s business portfolio includes companies that provide life-changing products, services and opportunities that are in alignment with her purpose and passion to “Empower and Inspire Others to Achieve their Dreams” and to “Make a Living and Make a Difference!” Over the years, Michelle has passionately inspired and empowered thousands of women to achieve success in their business and their life and continues to live that purpose and passion every day!

Please describe your business product or service in 100 words or less:

Pinning Power Profits was created to train and coach women entrepreneurs in the Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Home Business, Coaching and Consulting industries to use Pinterest to increase sales, prospecting and branding success. The Pinning Power Profits programs will train and coach members every step of the way from the basics of setting up a Pinterest account and Pinterest Boards to powerful strategies to help increase branding, recruiting, sales and success on Pinterest and other social media!

How long have you been in your current business?:

I have been a full-time entrepreneur for over 16 years. Although I have several business ventures in my business portfolio, they are all in alignment with my passion and purpose to empower and inspire women to achieve their goals and dreams as entrepreneurs. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and nothing excites me more than helping someone discover their passion and turn that passion into profit! All my successful ventures over the past 16 years have included specializing in advertising, marketing and branding online and offline in the Direct Sales/Network Marketing/Home Business/Coaching/Consulting industries where I have coached and mentored thousands of clients, customers and team members as well as generated millions of dollars in life-changing product sales.

That is why I am so passionate about this latest training and coaching venture I am launching now to share my success strategies to help them become social media superstars! That has never been easier thanks to Pinterest which is why I chose to build my program around that social media network and then expand to other networks in the Pinning Power Profits PRO Program that follows! Pinterest allows you to “Pin Your Passion & Turn Your Passion Into Profit!” and Pinning Power Profits teaches you how to do it in a way that increases your branding, recruiting, sales and success! So I am very excited about this venture!

Who is your ideal customer or client:

Women entrepreneurs in the Direct Sales/Network Marketing/Home Business/Small Business/Coaching industries who are interested in increasing their branding, recruiting and sales through Pinterest and Social Media. In general, my ideal client is any woman who wants to discover their passion or develop their passion and turn that passion into profit! My ideal customers include anyone who wants to improve their health and weight, especially those who are dealing with persistent health and weight challenges, who are open to a natural holistic approach including coaching, consulting and life-changing products.

What methods of communication have worked best for you to reach new customers or clients and why?: 

I have used all types of communication but my favorite by far is Social Media because it allows you to communicate who you are as well as what you have to say by what you post, share, and like as well as your comments! If you do it correctly, you can really connect with your prospects in a more personal and authentic way and build a deeper connection. If you do it correctly and authentically, social media allows you to attract your ideal prospects for free, something companies pay a fortune to accomplish!

What methods of communication do you use to continue to stay connected with your current and past customers or clients and why?:

This is one area I am working to improve and expand upon now. I currently just use the phone, email and social media to stay in touch, but I am working on additional ways to stay connected including blogs and newsletters. It is really important to stay in communication and keep your name and your business in front of your prospects constantly by providing them with valuable information to improve their life – not just one sales pitch after another. We are all inundated these days with too much information and we all have those newsletters and blog posts we absolutely must read because we know we are going to learn something valuable in exchange for the time spent reading it and then there are those that we just delete because we know they are not worth our time. So I want to be that newsletter and blog post that is so valuable that it absolutely must be read!

What’s your one best tip about effective communication in business?

Be authentically you and don’t be afraid to show people how much you genuinely care! There is a quote that says “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” I pride myself on becoming an expert in every business venture so that I can provide the very best service to my customers, clients and reps. However, one of my biggest secrets to success in any of my ventures has been to show prospective and existing customers/clients/reps how much I care about them and continually demonstrate that care in many different ways. Not only does that make my work more personally rewarding but it is also gives me the competitive edge from a business standpoint because so many people in business have forgotten the importance of showing genuine appreciation and thoughtfulness. I have had old customers go to great lengths to find me to order from me again because they remembered and appreciated that attention, even when they know someone else who does what I do!

What would you say is the most important lesson you’ve learned about speaking and/or communication from Felicia, and from which product, service or experience?

I have learned so many things but one of the things that stood out is the importance of developing and communicating the 3 C’s of Credibility: 1) Competence; 2) Character; and 3) Charisma.

1)      Competence is your expertise, experience, credentials, endorsements, testimonials, etc. that build credibility in the eyes of your audience.

2)      Character is your honesty, integrity, professionalism, impartiality, as well as your personal and professional values and standards that build trust in the eyes of your audience.

3)      Charisma is your likeability, persuasion and rapport-building skills which include communicating with authenticity, passion, and enthusiasm to increase likeability and build rapport with your audience.

Discover more about Michelle Sanchez at PinningPowerProfits.com

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