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Attract More Readers With an Attractive Ebook Cover – Felicia Slattery, Public Speaking Coach

Attract More Readers With an Attractive Ebook Cover

Attract More Readers With an Attractive Ebook Cover

Hi, my name is D’vorah Lansky and I am excited to share this blog post, on the topic of Digital Publishing, with you. I’d like to thank Felicia for hosting me during this virtual tour, in honor of Digital Publishing Virtual Summit, where we feature 20 world-renowned book marketing experts.

I’m excited to share this exciting topic with you and extend a warm invitation for you to enjoy each article and interview on this virtual tour as well as attend this virtual summit with us.

The  importance of having an attractive eBook cover

Truth be told, people do judge a book by its cover. By providing a captivating book cover for your publication, you are increasing the odds that people notice your book, take the time to explore further, and ideally purchase your book.

Just as there is an anatomy of a book, there is the anatomy of a book cover. You have the title, subtitle, author’s name, author’s credentials or mention of a previous book title, design layout of the front cover, back cover, and spine. You have your font choices, colors, and placement, content layout for the back cover including the author bio, testimonials, and book description and more.

When creating a book cover for an eBook, you still want to be aware of many of these aspects however you do not typically have a spine or a back cover. eBook covers are much smaller than print book covers so you’ll want to take care to “maximize the virtual real estate” so that important, key aspects (author’s name, book title, and design) of your book cover are visible.

If you are an experienced graphic designer you could design your own book cover. If not, it is recommended that you hire an expert to do this for you. When people view your book listing on the Internet, you only have a few short seconds to grab their attention. Having an attractive and compelling eBook cover can draw readers in and you increase the odds of them purchasing, and reading, your book. For an eBook cover, you can expect to pay from $30 (for a simple design) to $300 (for a captivating design).

While it is best to have your covers professionally designed, you can create your eBook cover design in a graphics program. The current dimensions for a Kindle eBook cover are 300 dpi resolution and 1,000 pixel minimum for the height. For a professionally designed cover you can connect with professional designers at sites such as, Elance and 99Designs to name two.

It is important to note that if you plan on offering a print version of your book, that very specific dimensions and specifications are required. Your print book cover design is affected by the exact number of pages in your book and the resolution of the image is much, much higher, than required for an eBook cover. If your book will be available as a print version as well as an eBook version, you will want to focus on creating your print version book cover first as that can be easily resized to use when promoting your eBook.

The next time you are over on Amazon, view the eBook covers and notice which ones draw you in and which ones you pass by. Share your thoughts about the importance of eBook cover design by scrolling down and joining in the conversation.

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Enjoy this Digital Publishing Virtual Tour! May the gems gleaned aid you on your path as you share your message with audiences across the globe!

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D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed., has been marketing online and mentoring leaders since 1994. She is the bestselling author of Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online.

She is the producer of the annual Book Marketing Conference Online and this year’s Digital Publishing Virtual Summit, as well as the founder of the Book Marketing Alliance and the Book Marketing Made Easy Academy. D’vorah coaches and trains authors around the globe, in online book marketing practices.

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