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Is There Such a Thing As TOO MUCH Passion?

Yesterday on Twitter I wrote:

Wondering out loud: Can too much passion for what you know distract you from effectively listening to your clients?

And wow– did I get a flood of answers!  I received many, many YES answers along with a retweet of my original question (a retweet on Twitter means someone copied & pasted what I said so others could see it, too. It’s a huge compliment to get retweeted).

I also got answers from some pretty high profile folks like Leesa Barnes and Coach Andrea J. Lee who said:


Leesa Barnes: @FeliciaSlattery too much passion can label you an entertainer – great for a few laughs, but peeps go somewhere else to change their lives




Andrea J. Lee: @FeliciaSlattery Oh, juicy ? up my alley. I believe def YES! 🙂 Beyond ego-based passion is a selfless passion that allows us 2 listen…

And other wise answers such as:


Andrea Chin @FeliciaSlattery Not sure amt of passion will distract u from listenin but “know it all” attitude will def interfere w/ “hearing” whats said



Amanda Matchett: @FeliciaSlattery I think it depends. If ones passion for what they know inhibits them from bein open to new ideas, then distraction mayoccur




Patrick Lamb: @FeliciaSlattery Too much passion? Those who excel combine unusual passion with ability to compartmentalize it and listen critically.



sweatyshop: @FeliciaSlattery In my personal experience, yes. You begin to forget that not everyone thinks like you nor comprehends like you.




Steve Kloyda: @FeliciaSlattery I think yes. When the focus is on what we know, are we really listening? Just a thought.


So now it’s your turn. Do you think there could be such a thing as passion clouding your judgment or ability to listen as effectively as your clients, customers, and prospects would prefer? I’d love your answers in the comments!

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