6 Elements to a Successful, Comprehensive, and Profitable Speaking Business That Makes You Money Whether You’re On Stage or Not

Public speaking is a dream for many people. If that’s YOU this post is written for you to help you avoid the costly mistakes so many beleaguered, ragged, worn-out speakers make thinking the ONLY way to make money as a speaker is when they are on stage alone.  If you were alive and in the … Read more

A Better Way to Take a Compliment about Your Speaking

You just delivered your Signature Speech, got off stage and now there’s a line of people waiting to talk to you about what you just shared. Inevitably, someone will compliment you on some aspect of your speech and you might be tempted to say “thanks but…” “Thanks, but I really could have delivered the close … Read more

Public Speaking – Always Have an Offer When You Speak on Stage for Business

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at a women’s symposium event in beautiful Galena, Illinois. My client, Brian Basilico, author of It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon, introduced me to the meeting planner because he was going to be speaking at the same event and was booked before I was. In a … Read more

Improve Your Speaking Skills – 5 Tips to Stop Saying Um and Ah When Speaking on a Teleseminar, Webinar, or In Person

Today’s blog post comes thanks to a question on Facebook that one of my online friends, Sharon McPherson, saw, tagged me, and recommended me to help with. So thanks Sharon! Here’s that question as it appeared on Facebook: As I read this post, I realized I get this question A LOT and have for years. … Read more