Brand Against the Machine – Interview with Author John Morgan

Brand Against the Machine – Interview with Author John Morgan

Felicia Slattery with John Morgan

John Morgan, Author of Brand Against the Machine with Felicia Slattery, October 2011, Chicago

As of today, branding expert John Morgan’s new book, Brand Against the Machine is available for sale wherever fine books are sold. I was honored to have the opportunity to interview John about his book. John and I have known each other through social media since the advent of Twitter‘s popularity began back in 2008, and since then we’ve often shared the same stages. I’m proud to present his detailed and helpful book to you.

Also in this interview, John allowed me to ask whatever I wanted. That’s unusual — authors typically send a list of approved questions and ask the interviewers to stick to the script. So in my interview I asked him of course about the book and branding, but just for you, I also asked about his speaking and writing career and how they have worked together. Brand Against the Machine is John’s first book — so I asked him things like how he got a publisher and how he came up with the title and tied in his speaking as well. He was generous and thoughtful with his answers. You can listen to the audio replay here:

Or read the full transcripts here:

FELICIA:  Hello! Hello! This is Felicia Slattery and If you can tell from the excitement in my voice, I even said two “hellos” to welcome you. That’s how excited I am.

I am here with my good friend, someone who I met originally on Twitter and have shared the stage with and have had a chance to really get to know on a personal level and is a wonderful friend of mine named John Morgan. And John is the author of a brand new book called “Brand Against the Machine” and I am thrilled to have you here with me listening to John today. So John, Welcome! How are you??

JOHN: I am doing fantastic, thank you for the awesome introduction.

FELICIA: (Chuckle) Well, you know I think we’re going to share a little bit more about you as we go through so I thought I’d save all of that Bio stuff as its going to  comes out in the interview, if that sounds ok to you??

JOHN: Sounds fine!

FELICIA: Awesome! Alright. So, what I thought I’d do today, we have got about 30 minutes here, and I decided to break my interview up in these 3 parts. So the first part will be about Branding because that of course is your area of expertise so I we’ll talk about branding and then I want you to share a little bit about the book, so I have got a few questions about that, “Your Brand Against The Machine”, and then the third part, because a lot of my audience are folks like you and me, they’re authors, they’re speakers, they’re experts in their subject area and so I just want to talk to you a little bit more about that aspect  of your  business. How’s that sound??Pretty good?

JOHN: That sounds awesome!

FELICIA: Alright Cool. So here we go! The first question is kind of a quick and easy one. If this interview would only going to be 30 seconds long, what’s the number one thing you’d want people to know about branding other than of course like “go buy your book”?

JOHN: That was it!

FELICIA: That was it Ok done.

JOHN: That was it you took my answer.

FELICIA: (chuckle)

JOHN: The number one thing is that they already have a brand; because everyone already has an opinion of you. Everyone that’s ever met you or even followed you online or you know, seen you speak, you know, read your book, read your blog whatever, they have an opinion of you so a lot of times  people think, let me start branding, you already have, so you have to make sure you done  it right!

FELICIA: Nice. That’s good. SO you already have a brand. That could be good news or bad news, right?(Chuckle)

JOHN: That’s right. When your brand works for you or against you, it will always work. So you certainly have to be careful.

FELICIA: Yeah it’s already working. Awesome!

Alright! So, we heard the term branding tossed around a lot over the pass year or so, it’s really kinda become, like this big buzz word. But you’ve been at this branding thing a while haven’t you?

JOHN: I have yes. Since 2000.

FELICIA: Since 2000. WOW! And what happened in 2000 that got you rolling into the whole branding world?

JOHN: Well, A lot of it was by accident. I, as a teenager for some strange reason was fascinated by marketing and branding which just lets you know exactly how nerdy I really am.

FELICIA: Nerdy, we kinda like that about you.

JOHN: (Chuckle) Well in 2000, I was 19 years old and realizing that college wasn’t for me and was figuring out what exactly I wanted to do, and you know me very well Felicia, I am a little bit outspoken and so I would go into like a business and you know, buy whatever they were selling or whatever and proceed to tell them what they were doing wrong. Enough of those people that were not offended by my rudeness, wanted to work with me and so that’s really how they got in and they got started because realizing, even though I was young, the way you market your business affects your brand.  You know every little thing that someone does you know every interaction you have with an employee, whatever the case maybe, has bad effect and I see so many businesses not realizing that.

FELICIA: Yeah! Wow! That’s awesome! So you’ve been doing this for a long time. So I’m sure of course, that you’ve got a definition of branding. Why don’t you share that? Because I know in fact, when I got to read the book, in the advanced copy of the book, yeah I was one of the few who’ve got the advanced copy, I was really impressed by that and one of the things that I actually said in my review of your book was that so many people think they know what branding is or they like nod they head, yes of course “Branding” but they secretly have no idea like what it is. So what is your definition of Branding?

JOHN: My definition is what you and I just talked about its people’s perception of you. You know, it’s their opinion of you; it’s your reputation.

FELICIA: But it’s not just any people, right. I mean, we are talking really about your marketing or is it anyone?

JOHN: Openly it is anyone, but specifically you know, obviously you actually cared about is your target audience. But yes Branding is not your logo. It’s not your slogan. It’s not your color scheme. People think my blog colors match my business card so that is my brand. That is not your brand at all. Like no one cares about that. Your brand is, if you are to go away, if people care and are upset that you ran away, you’ve got a good brand. You know, that’s the thing. That’s how you tell. If you could disappear tonight and no one gives a crap, then your brand wasn’t that good!

FELICIA: Wow! That could be humbling in a hurry.

JOHN: It can. That’s right! It’s about that relationship. We go and we buy Apple products, because we have confidence in them. That’s their brand. It’s not the logo, it’s not just the way how the products look, all of things that we have confidence in that. We have this expectation and they meet it consistently which makes them a great brand. So that’s the thing, when someone, ok we expected this of this person, that’s your brand and you have to deliver on that.

FELICIA: Wow! So it is the perception and the expectation that people have been interacting with you and your business?

JOHN: Exactly!

FELICIA: Love it!

Alright, so let’s talk now, my next couple of questions are about mistakes; so this one is about the other branding so-called “experts” in the industry. What do you think is the biggest mistake you see these other folks whose maybe kind of only recently jumped on the bandwagon, of, “this is a hot topic, so I think I’m going to start talking about it” but then they don’t have any kind of  background in this. What would you say some of the biggest mistakes you see other people out there that when you see this advice you cringe and AARGHH! I hope nobody’s listening?

JOHN: Yeah the biggest one is that, you know, almost all these people will say that you don’t determine your brand that your audience does. And that’s absolutely FALSE. And it’s also extremely deadly information to your business, in my opinion. Because I can promise you that none of the biggest brands in the world think that way. You know Steve Jobs for example; create a product that no one knew they wanted. He didn’t care to ask them, right? So a lot of times people would say your audience decides what your brand is. The problem with that foolish is what If they decide wrong? You know what if they see you in just one way and they put you in the box and you’re more than that. So it’s up to you. People think of you a certain way because of what you do. Not because of their own opinion. You can absolutely lead them the right direction. So that’s the big one and then another one just really quick is a lot of these branding experts and all that, especially the ones that comes in the scene for like last year like you and I are talking about , they’re confused of what marketing is and what branding is. You know, Branding is   a commitment, Marketing is your campaign. You know marketing is just onetime thing hey I’m going to promote this book I am going to promote this product or whatever it is that I’ve got going on and it ends. You know there is a beginning and end to it. Your brand is your overall strategy it never ends.

FELICIA: I love that. It’s like you’re reading my mind. I didn’t actually send you these questions. And just for the listener at home hears me kind of pulling back the curtain.  Usually when I interview and author or when I get interviewed typically the interviewer says, “Oh send me some questions” and John is like “no I am good ask me anything” because we have such a great relationship I know John stuff and I know what I can and I know you want to hear so he has no idea but John I will going to ask about that “Your Brand is not a campaign, it’s a commitment! Literally, I opened your book again today; and as I canister the font comes through virtually, I came across something like “Oh that’s really good I want to talk about that” so, I love that, that reminder that Branding is a commitment really to continuing to communicate who you are and what you are about as supposed to marketing which is you need to think of as a campaign. So I am gonna, like right now, what you are doing is a marketing campaign to sell your book “Brand against the Machine”. That’s what this interview is. I know I am not the only lucky person who gets to interview you. So interviews are part of your campaign. You’ll be guest of guest blogger, you’ll be doing a number of different things on your launch day and all of these are campaigns but your commitment is about you and your brand. Is that right??

JOHN: That’s exactly right! People get in the business but they forget about the overall all strategy. Right. You know they go like oh! I need to build my email list. Ok I’ll do that. And oh! It’s just a blog, so let me do that, and I never stop and think what’s my overall strategy here ,did you know what’s my  long term plan? And standard like chasing like shiny object and info meaning marketing campaign after campaign and never actually building any attraction. And that’s the problem. Like the good thing about the internet is that it’s makes it easy for all of us to put an info out there, and start these businesses right? The bad news is that people are now just jumping into space and forgetting what it takes to build a real business. I have zero interest in making money today and then not knowing how I am going to make money 3 years form now. You know I absolutely want to be making money 3 years from now and 30 years form no. It’s about building a sustainable business. And that is where a lot of people go wrong.

FELICIA: And actually that’s going to be what my next question is. What is the mistake that you see business owners and other entrepreneurs making when it comes to their branding? Would you say it’s that trying to go for the dollar today and forgetting that, o yeah there is next week and next month and next year or would you say there’s something else that you see when you do it like that they’re doing it?

JOHN: I think that’s the big part of it, right along with that is they have to be everything they do is branding. That goes back to every time you do something people will goint to have an opinion of it! Right? SO if you are complaining because you have a bad day and you are using Twitter to voice those complaints, you may think that that is not harmful but it is, because no one woke up today and said I wanna hear about your problems. Right?

FELICIA: Right! Exactly! I know!

JOHN: Well I was going to like say I always cringed cause I see people especially on Twitter and Facebook they go to a restaurant, had bad service, so they’re slamming this company, thinking you know, oh watch this I have got a voice now, look at this power I’ll make sure people know about it, but in my opinion, you’re just making yourself look bad cause for me I just see you’re whining. You know what I mean? And people don’t think about that. Everything you do is branding! So that means when you go to the restaurant the other day and seating outside was two of their chefs, seating on next to the dumpster and both of them have their hair cap and they are smoking, that’s does not make me wanna go eat in that restaurant! Right?

FELICIA: No really Eeuww!

JOHN: Those employees are thinking “hey I am not on the clock I am on my break so I can do what I want”. The manager of the restaurant is thinking they are not on the clock, they can do what they want but the problem is that’s not what you and I think. Everything they do is branding! So when we see that stuff, we now do not what to eat them.

FELICIA: Right! Exactly! You know what I was going to say about people on Twitter and on Facebook , my mom is not exactly on Facebook but she’s sort of EE…Like she have an account but she doesn’t never really go there, but she knows like we have extended family members who are and they’ll call and they say  Oh wow! Felicia’s doing a lot of big exciting things; she’s doing this and that, and because of what you are just talking about is, I am not putting on Facebook and Twitter when I have a bad day, or when I step my toe or you know whatever, and if I do put something that is not necessarily in a positive light on Twitter or Facebook, I put a spin on it, so that there is a teachable moment in there for the folks who are reading my stuff so that they can come to expect, ok that’s what Felicia’s going to be about, or I am talking about my kids, family or whatever happens to be, it’s a decision that I’ve made in that moment to say, ok I want part of my brand to be that I’ve got this business and I am doing it running it from my home and I am able to do stuff with my family as well and participate in those moment! I think it’s important to be very deliberate in the messages that you put out there and I am going to agree with you on that, that’s one of the things that I cringed about is just seeing people whining and what you are whining about? Stop it!

JOHN: And what you are doing there, Felicia is like you just said, the keyword, which you are being deliberate about it, which means you’re remembering your overall strategy and you know I think its business owners and entrepreneurs especially if we are an author or speaker, someone that is producing content, I feel that we kinda forfeited our right to use Facebook and Twitter and all that, the way normal people do.

FELICIA: I love that! It’s true. When we decide we’re gonna be in kind of publicize and speak, we need to use it in that way or else create a totally different account under a different name or whatever that we can interact with, you know, our very they’re best friends and the kids parents and you know school, or whatever, yeah. I love that! I agree with that! That’s a little controversial there John Morgan.

JOHN: It is. This is how serious it is I tell you Felicia, I have one brother and I love him dearly and this will absolutely stun you Felicia but my brother sense of humor is actually more raw than my own. And so when he signed up on Facebook I had to call him and be like hey look, let’s keep the humor that you and I have between email and not on my face book wall because I don’t use  it  for this!

FELICIA: Coz I can’t be saying that!

Oh My gosh you know that’s funny John because you know….

JOHN: He says stuff that offended me..So

FELICIA: Oh that is so funny. Oh my God!

JOHN: And he was cool with it by the way, he gifts it right he’s ok, no problem, my mom ,same thing, God forbid my mom is like, I think Farmville top student or member whatever it is  and you know, I need you to keep any of that stuff like those post off in any of my page, she gifts it but because I took that stop more seriously.

FELICIA: I do too. There are a lot of things that I laugh about with friends, I mean you have a raw sense of humor, and I truly appreciate it. and I laugh a lot with your jokes, the ones that we make in public or not in public but the ones we make in private but a lot of that stuff, I am not gonna put out there in the world and I don’t need the world seeing me like that. Even the things that you think are funny, even if it’s funny in your head, if it doesn’t mesh with, well, here is how I want the world to see me and how I want to be known then, keep your chuckle yourself not so good. SO let’s talk about your book…

JOHN: I know when somebody’s listening to this, and think ok, but what about being transparent? Because that’s what everybody keeps preaching. I just read a blog post about this recently. We think that we want people to be transparent but we don’t, right? For example, were ok with hearing that you’re sick; knowing you have diarrheal is too much .Right? Like there is a line on how transparent we want people to be. And that what comes back to what exactly you and I are talking. Yes we want you to be transparent but we do not care that you are having a bad day! Unless you’ve lost a family member or a friend or something serious like that, we can come, and you know, offer you encouragement and help lift you up, we certainly want to do that! But if your internet has crashed so you need to drop that “s” bomb about it I got other things going on. That’s not what I cared about. Just remember, yes we want you to be transparent but, there’s a line and you got to maintain that!

FELICIA: Actually, I got a couple of questions from folks speaking on Facebook and Twitter, I put out there that I was interviewing you and I got a couple of questions from people. This one question comes from another self-speaker Rich Hopkins and he wants to know, Is it more valuable for your brand to be a concept or should your brand be quote yourself, and he says  for example, people know me or what I talk about more.

JOHN: Great question. Great Question. And I see where a lot of people probably get confused by it. The answer is it’s gonna be him. And the reason it has to be him Felicia is because that’s who are going to build a relationship with, not his content and the more we get to know him and like him, that content will come and we’ll remember that. Right? So you don’t necessarily come to me and say, “Hey, John, I read this blog post 3 years ago and it was awesome”. You will come to me and say “Hey, I read Chris Brogans blog post on something”. You know it’s the people we connect with and especially when you are a speaker, for sure it’s you, it’s your personality. That is what an event organizer, conference what ever, that is what they are buying. Yes they want you to deliver good content but let’s face it they want you to get up there and just do a good job and it’s you that they are buying.

FELICIA: Because really, there is nothing new under the sun. There are ton of people which teaches about public speaking, so do I. So, if it is about the content, then there is no difference between Rich or me, but there is a huge difference between us other than, he’s guy and I’m a gal, you know what I mean. And you are not the only guy who happens to be great at branding so it has to be about us right?

JOHN: What? I thought I was?

FELICIA: You’re the best. You’re the best! Ok.

JOHN: Ok Felicia, I will end this interview so fast!

FELICIA: Right now!(Chuckle)

Alright, one more question from the peanut gallery. This is from an author in Geneva, Switzerland her name Is Janet Gomez and she said “If you have not-“I already know the answer to this but I am going to ask anyway, “If you not got your branding right is it better to start from scratch or try to fix what you’ve got?

JOHN: That’s a good question. I think it depends on what level you have not gotten it right. I think a lot of people feel like starting over is going to be bad, but every time you start over its amazing how quickly you can bounce back, you know what those things? But I think that a lot of little changes and little tweaks that you can fix, you’d be amazed at how dramatically different your brand can be in just 30 days. So if you got some foundation…. there are some things that are done right, then you have something to build on. You do not need to start with scratch.

FELICIA: Definitely. Alright! Cool! So awesome tips.  So tell me about the book “brand against the machine”, First of all I loved the title, how’d you come up with that?

JOHN: After speaking at an event with you, in Chicago a couple of years ago, I had a late night flight back home that was really like scary, it was storming and it was like one of those small planes so I just put my iPod on and was just listening to my favourite band “Reed Against the Machine” and basically I was just gonna come up with a concept that people would get because we are bombarded with this marketing messages and they’re bad, and the way most businesses were going about, you know building their brand and marketing themselves are bad and that concept just came up. I wrote it down I thought “man that will be an awesome title for a book”. I have no idea that I would write a book and that’s how it started.

FELICIA: Wow. Ok. Im gonna ask you that question about writing abook in a few minutes, but, so, what is the machine that were branding against?

JOHN: It is the fact that we are hit with like a thousand of marketing message everyday that are unwelcomed and unwanted and businesses think that they can make us care, right? And it’s like this machine that’s putting out all these businesses that are identical, you know, everyone is just falling in line, all this person got a blog, Ill have a blog. This person wrote a book, I’ll write a book. It’s like we forget that we have to be different and have a reason to exist in the market place. You can’t just come out and say “Hey, they are out there making this and making money, ok me too.”

FELICIA: Really, That is how you brand against the machine how you get people to care is by being different.

JOHN: That’s right. People don’t buy based on “Oh, this is similar to this, so I’ll buy it”. They buy stuff because it’s different. And that’s why they make a purchase, so you have to be different!

FELICIA: Ok Cool. So I know you work with some major so huge Brand. I am not sure; who do you write this book for? Is it for the big, huge brand, or is this for kinda small fly business owner?

JOHN: It is more for the small business owners because since Its what I consider myself to be  and I still work with  those solo entrepreneurs and information marketers and people like that so what I did, Felicia, was when I learned from working with big companies that’s understand what they’re doing and broke it down to apply it where the small business owners can do these same things, because it’s not rocket science. And it’s also not; you don’t have a 50 million dollar budget to do this.

FELICIA: I love that! Alright, let’s talk just a couple of little nothing balls here. How is your book organized to help them, those entrepreneurial, the small business owner, that reader, how was the book organized to help that person with their branding?

JOHN: Well, when I wrote the book, the first thing that I wanted to do, because you know me I am like no biatch right? SO I do not want to put anything in the book that I have not tried to do myself, and had my clients do and I know it works. And I know it works regardless where you are in the world and regardless to what industry you are in, this works. And that’s the first I didn’t want to write crap. I wanted to be good. And its set up to get people understands “I’ve got a brand, here’s the benefit of building this brand now and Ok “how”. And in the rest of this book is the “How”.

FELICIA: Nice! Alright! Cool! Well, it’s an awesome book “Brand against the Machine” we’ll talk about where folks can go and get that in just a minute but I want to break out this last few minutes that we have about you as an author and a speaker coz a lot of people that I get to talk to on a regular basis and some people think that speaking and writing a book is kinda like a chicken and egg thing, we’re not sure how that works, speak first write first, can I not get book to speak, they’re not sure how that works, now I know what came first for you and its actually true for most of the expert authors that you and I hang up we know, it is speaking, so how long have you been speaking and tell me, kind of like, how has does that evolve for you?

JOHN: It wasn’t evolve in a big way. I think that my first speaking gig ever was probably 2004. And it was a complete accidental thing. I didn’t plan to speak. That is a conference, I knew the organizers and they said hey, do you want to talk with some of our people and share your story and I was like “Ok Cool” and then I didn’t realize it was going to be on like the main stage in front of 3000 people and I this will surprise you Felicia, I loves the attention. I was up there and thought, Oh My goodness I was born to do this. I loved it. Speaking is probably something I’ve done for a long time and the way it impacted in my business is, when you’re on stage you’re the authority. You know, you’re up there and you much know what you are talking about. Right? And it’s such a great way to connect with people and build relationships and those things, the speaking skills so much of my business  Clients that vie gotten, big time clients that I’ve gotten have come from someone sitting in the audience that seen me speak.

FELICIA: You’re singing my song baby. I love it. Its true. John have no idea I’m gonna ask that. We didn’t know we are going to talk about this so I just want to say thanks. That exactly what I’ve been preaching for years being when you’re  on stage you are the authority, folks hear you they get to hear your message and they go “WOW” That guy knows what he is doing. I am gonna pay him lots of money!

JOHN: That’s right! It’s so easy! I don’t know that there has ever been a time that I spoke in an event, that I did not get business from it. Even without me pinching, you know someone came out and said “Gotta work with you, how do we hire you?”

FELICIA: Right! That’s awesome. Alright. So, I hear people say all the time, that having a book helps you build a brand, I of course tell people how they can build their credibility, so here’s kind of  is a sticky one for you!  Why did a branding guy like you wait for long to write your first book?

JOHN: It’s a great question. First of all, financially, I didn’t need it!its been very black. Like there was no point. Second of all, I’ve always known that I would write a book that was never an urgent thing for me. It was just always something like, “Oh yeah at some point I’ll do that”. SO when it came about it was just simply because Wiley called me and would you like to write a book.

FELICIA: Really that was my next question. How’d you get that book deal?How did they call you?

JOHN: A few things with it, cause certainly my situation’s a little unique. Several Wiley authors are client of mine, so my name has been brought up a few times. Which obviously I am not gonna lie, that’s obviously gave me a bit of advantage, maybe put me on their radar a little bit, but it was actually speaking in an event where someone from Wiley was there I did not know, they did not come up to me afterwards or anything like that, they sent me an email the next week and said “Hey, We saw you speak at this event, we really like you and thought of putting your stuff into a book.

FELICIA: SO speaking actually got you the book deal!

JOHN: Very much so, because all the benefits that you teach people, unclear of the authority, they got to see my personality, they got to see how what I say is different, you know they got to see me in action and they got to see the audience react. That was another thing! Right? It’s like they can actually see firsthand “Oh, people actually like what this guy got to say”.

FELICIA: Yeah. I know I got to tell you, one of the things that I love most about your book, is this kind of the outside content actually, is the fact that I hear your voice in every page. It’s all you and so and really what your book is a perfect model of continuing along with your brand and if people get if for nothing else other than to say “Ok, this how, someone who is an expert at this , an expert at building and communicating brand has put out of book, that’s why you should get this book, is to see how he does that. Even if you don’t even, even if you are not looking at the content and want to learn about branding which you’d be fool if you didn’t, but even if you didn’t and put the content aside, just watch what he does. I mean John, I hear your voice on every page, it’s so funny, I actually had to slow down how I was reading so I could laugh at the jokes and literally I was  laughing out loud.  What are you reading?

JOHN:I appreciate that and I will certainly buy it,  One thing I will say, it’s a Wiley’s credit. My publisher is that they let me write the book I want it to write. Because by the way, I did everything possible to not get the book deal.Shanon my editor says, “What’s gonna make your book different?” And my exact response was “Shannon, 98% of the book out there, especially about business or marketing or branding whatever are completely horrible and a lot of them are books you guys have published. Like if you are taking those right now, that is what not to do. But I was very fortunate because Shannon was like “I don’t disagree with you, tell me what’s different” And I proceeded to tell her and I will say this “I did Lie in part of it!” Which they don’t know this, but she said ok, you thought about writing this book, and I was like  “yeah I got it the whole thing mapped out, and she was like “ you do” and I was like yeah A-Z and all that and her response was, can you send it to me later  today? Well, I did not have it mapped up at all. All I have was the title and that was it! So I obviously spend that afternoon coming up with something. You know, that’s it! It’s over. But that’s the thing, its I think this is what I want authors and speakers especially get. While Wiley, “Ok Cool the guy’s got cool content, it was me they wanted.”It was you know, this guys going to be good in interview, this guys gonna be good in the media, this guy’s good on the stage, like that’s what they are going to buy.

FELICIA: They’re buying your brand.

JOHN: Exactly. Yes they’re right! The big rule with them was, I am gonna write this book, please don’t edit it in a big way and I am proud to say they had one thing beside the fact that I can’t spell. They had one change and that’s was I had insulted someone greatly with a very horrible word and they just have me scale that word back to something a little more friendly.

FELICIA: Oh that’s nice

JOHN: That was it. That was the one change, otherwise they didn’t sinister me at all

FELCIA: That’s wow! That’s handsome! ….That is fabulous!

Alright, so we’ve been talking about your book, “Brand against the Machine” How can people get the book and how can they read more about you?

JOHN: Well they can certainly go to Amazon and get the book or they can go to it’s gonna be available everywhere Find books are sold, barns and nobles all that stuff. Anywhere you can find a bookstore it should be there. But certainly, the normal ways of Amazon and all that and they can find out more from me in my blog and that’s where I blog and rant about stuff and all that.


JOHN: That’s it!

FELICIA: Nice. Ok. So your website is, you can read and comment on some of John’s very fabulous blog with a lot of his personality infused because that what he’s been talking about here. John, is there anything, what would you like to close with just kind of enclosing here about branding for folks what if they leave here with just kind of one flavour in their mind, what would that be?

JOHN: Yeah! It’s never ever be intimidated by the fact that one of your competitors Is already doing what you wanna do, you and I talked earlier that there is really no new information what people are buying especially if you are a speaker author or blogger or whatever Is not your information or your content, its your perception of that. You know, so you mention you and Rich earlier you guys do something similar, but difference you may have a certain perspective on speaking that he doesn’t and vice versa, right? And so some people are gonna connect to you, some people may connect to him, and that’s fine, because there is enough business and enough money out there for all of it but the problem Is if you see someone doing what we wanna do and we are doing our big scale and we get intimidated by that, screw that. You have your own unique stand, your own opinion, just go out there and do not be afraid to put it out there!

FELICIA: I love that. You know one of the things you say in the book and Ill end with this coz I think this is fabulous and that is your word. You said if there’s gonna be afraid of anything be afraid of being poor.

JOHN: That is right!

FELICIA: So don’t be intimidated by somebody else sharing the same information you have. If its good stuff that you are putting out there, then go ahead. Don’t be afraid. Be afraid of being poor. Go up make some money with your stuff and love that!

John Morgan, Thank you so much for being here. I am so glad you gave us time today! I love it Love it!

Alright folks, go buy “Brand Against The Machine” not just one copy but maybe 3. Gift them away to some other clients, friends, colleagues, people who has business and need to get the word out about who they are  , what they do and who they’re gonna be!

So Thanks so much John. Thank you for listening and we will talk again next time! Bye!

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