Professional Speakers and Outsourcing: Top 3 Mistakes and What to Do Instead

If you think you are saving money in your business by doing everything yourself, you are making a HUGE mistake and actually LOSING money. It’s true. One of the biggest misconceptions, especially of speakers and business owners new to using the internet to get new clients, goes something like this: “Oh I don’t have much … Read more

What’s The Best Appointment and Scheduling Automated Online Service?

It’s the time of year when people begin to evaluate their systems and services to determine if they want to make any changes, improvements, or upgrades. Last year around this time, I did my own exhaustive search for a scheduling and calendar service. Since I made that change, rarely a week goes by that someone … Read more

Today I’m Throwing It Down: Passive Income Challenge

I’m tired of it! You know that crazy roller coaster of entrepreneurial income? The one where you feel like a millionaire rock star one month and a pauper the next? The one when you work like a wild person and make a ton of cash (hopefully) but then when you don’t (or can’t) work you … Read more

#15MinSprint Your Way to Success in 4th Quarter Success Challenge!

Wow! The response I’ve been getting to my 4th quarter challenge has been amazing! Yay for you if you’re joining me by publicly announcing that “you’re in” on my previous blog post or if you’re silently following along. Whatever you do… just take some action and git ‘er done!! Today I’m sharing with you a … Read more