PRESS RELEASE – Felicia Slattery to Present “Kill the Elevator Speech Now” at Knoxville Small Business Marketing Meeting

Event will help small business owners, sales and marketing professionals with networking and creating an alternative to the elevator speech. Knoxville, Tennessee — August 11, 2017 – Knoxville resident, Felicia Slattery, best-selling author, professional speaker and expert in communication, has been invited to be the keynote speaker at the Knoxville Small Business Marketing MeetUp event … Read more

Kill The Elevator Speech – Book Launch Results!

WE DID IT!!! Yesterday I launched my new book, Kill the Elevator Speech: Stop Selling, Start Connecting. The image you see here started as a screen capture sent to me by Facebook friend and reader, Frederique Murphy, founder of Mountain Moving Mindset, international speaking and consultant based in Ireland. Last night I finally crashed shortly … Read more

Networking Tips – Just Because You Have My Business Card Does NOT Mean I Want to Be On Your List

This morning I’m seriously re-considering my use of business cards and happily handing them out when people want to connect with me. Once again I was added to another mailing list because “at some point our paths have crossed.” I promptly unsubscribed. Yes, I can use a different email address on my business cards, have … Read more

Public Speaking – You Could Be Boring If…

Do you ever wonder if your audience is as excited about your speech as you are? Or maybe, are you secretly worried that you might be boring your audience to tears?   The first step to get past being boring is to admit you are a bore on stage. But how can you know for … Read more