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Impact Boot Camp: Strategies for Success at Live Events

Ken McArthurI’m on my way to Ken McArthur’s Impact Boot Camp tomorrow morning.  It’s this weekend from August 22-24 in Philadelphia. I am so excited!  I just reviewed some notes I took recently on how to have a live event go well. Thought you might like to know– these exact strategies got me to be where I am today: a member of the Impact Action Team and a featured speaker at my second event!  Woo-hoo 🙂

Last month I attended my first ever live weekend event for my business.  The night before I was fortunate to have been invited to attend a teleseminar that shared strategies for attending and getting the best results from live events.  The presenters of this teleseminar, Kevin Nations and Gary Ambrose were promoting a live event in Orlando, Florida that Gary was hosting and Kevin was speaking at.

The teleseminar was more like a conversation between Kevin and Gary, but I asked some pointed questions in order to get the answers I needed.  After all—time was of the essence!  I was headed to my first event in a few short hours.  After listening to Kevin Nations and Gary Ambrose, both seasoned conference presenters, I was able to determine nine strategies for having success at live events.  Here they are:

1.  Make friends with those who connect well with others and take time with them on a personal level.

2.  Be fully present.  Don’t be working on other projects, checking email, or looking around for the next “big name” to tackle.  Just be where you are.

3.  Know what you offer the world in terms of what the outcome is.  My offers include teaching small, home-based service providers and entrepreneurs effective communication skills like credibility and public speaking so they can get more prospects, more business and more cash flow.

4.  In each presentation, look for information that you can apply to your business, even if the presenter’s products and services are not exactly what you need.  There is learning in every situation. Find it.

5.  Go with an agenda.  My agenda at my first event was to find an expert more successful than I was to help me look at the architecture of my business and find the missing pieces.  I found that expert in Ken McArthur (and got a whole lot more in the process!).

6.  Understand the missing pieces in your business before you go and while you are at that event, get access to that piece.

7.  After the event, sit down and make a plan for yourself based on all the information you learn.

8.  Be somebody who makes dinner plans.  Be the “inviter.”  Get a new small group of people together each evening and get to know others.  By the final night, people will be seeking you out.

9.  Go to the event ready to share some of your “secrets.”  When you are willing to share your ideas, people will reciprocate.  You’ll also get exposure to others in a different way.  And you may find yourself being introduced to an influential person because someone heard your details, liked what they heard and thought their influential friend might also be interested.

If you’ll be in or near Philly this weekend, come join us!  I’d love to see you there.

Impact Boot Camp: In 4 Days and Counting!

The week has arrived!

It seems like just a few days ago I met Ken McArthur, Internet marketing “rock star” and author of Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World. Then he invited me to be part of his Impact Action Team. And now in just a few days, the first of two major events is happening!

W oooo-hooooo!

Oh wait– it was just a few days ago I met Ken & was invited to be on the team.  28 days ago to be exact.

Wow. Things happen fast around here.

One of the best parts? I get the opportunity to showcase my  public speaking and training skills.  Not only am I one of 18 people hand-picked by Ken McArthur to be on his Impact Action Team, but I’m also a featured speaker selected to train the rest of the team about how to make an impact with public speaking.

If you’re coming to Philly, (Visit and enter code “impact” to get in for free) here’s a little preview of my talk:

1.  Create a Signature Speech – That’s a 30-60-minute talk you present to groups filled with your ideal target market to showcase your expertise & answer some burning questions of those you can best serve

2.  Tell everyone you know –  Make sure people know you have a speech on a hot topic ready to go at a moment’s notice

3. Speak & Benefit – Go to the event as the featured speaker, get a whole room full of new prospects, pick up a new client or two (or more!), make a few bucks (or more!), get invited to speak at other events,  and get a free breakfast or lunch to boot (usually).

Who wouldn’t want all that!?

That’s what I’ll be explaining to everyone at Impact Boot Camp  in Philly this week, August 22-24, 2008.

Can be in Philly but still want to know?

I’m teaching the next session of my Signature Speech Work Group in a few weeks.  Get the details now and plan to be ready to market your business by speaking this fall!

Ken McArthur

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