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Goodnight It’s Time to Sleep Titles vs I Gotta Read That Titles

Today’s guest blogger is Jeff Herring. Jeff was one of my early mentors and has taught people around the world (including yours truly!) about the keys to content marketing success. Jeff Herring has been featured on the CBS Morning News, The Miami Herald and has over 1.6 MILLION views on his Ezine Articles account alone. Dude knows what he’s doing!! And he’s here today with a guest post about where you start with content marketing- right at the top!

Without further ado, here’s Jeff Herring:


Jeff HerringIn 1994 I was privileged to begin writing a weekly relationship column for our local newspaper.

Three other therapists had the weekly column gig before me. What bugged me the most about these authors were the “snooze level” titles that they would put on their articles.

Goodnight, it’s time to sleep titles

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

What is Bipolar Disorder?

What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

Puts you right to sleep, doesn’t it?

I Gotta Read That Titles

Using the same subject matter, try out these titles:

Tired of Riding an Emotional Roller Coaster? Here are 7 Steps to Getting Off and Living

When 100 Times is Not Enough: How to Stop Destructive Repetitive Behaviors

See and feel the difference?

The Ultimate Goal of Any Title

Your title is your headline. Lose the reader here, and you have lost the reader for good.

When country music star Toby Keith asked country music legend Willie Nelson to sing part of a song on Keith’s new CD, Nelson blew him off with, “Send my people a demo tape and we’ll see.”

As he turned to leave, Willie Nelson asked Toby Keith for the title of the song.

Toby Keith said: “Whiskey for My Men, Beer for My Horses.”

Willie Nelson said: “I’m in.”

That’s the effect you want your titles to have:

I’m in!

Here’s your personal invitation to discover more about creating prospect & profit pulling titles on our upcoming webinar “Content Title Terror – The 3 Biggest & Scariest Content Title Mistakes & What to Do Instead (Follow the Formula) with Jeff Herring, Hosted by Felicia Slattery” on Thursday, January 31st at 2 pm EST. Join us here =>


Good stuff, right? Thanks to Jeff Herring and I hope to see you at the webinar this week where Jeff will show us how to create sure fire title winners in 20 minutes or less. One thing I know about Jeff is if he promises it, he delivers it. I can’t wait and I hope you’ll be there with us, too!

Attract More Readers With an Attractive Ebook Cover

Hi, my name is D’vorah Lansky and I am excited to share this blog post, on the topic of Digital Publishing, with you. I’d like to thank Felicia for hosting me during this virtual tour, in honor of Digital Publishing Virtual Summit, where we feature 20 world-renowned book marketing experts.

I’m excited to share this exciting topic with you and extend a warm invitation for you to enjoy each article and interview on this virtual tour as well as attend this virtual summit with us.

The  importance of having an attractive eBook cover

Truth be told, people do judge a book by its cover. By providing a captivating book cover for your publication, you are increasing the odds that people notice your book, take the time to explore further, and ideally purchase your book.

Just as there is an anatomy of a book, there is the anatomy of a book cover. You have the title, subtitle, author’s name, author’s credentials or mention of a previous book title, design layout of the front cover, back cover, and spine. You have your font choices, colors, and placement, content layout for the back cover including the author bio, testimonials, and book description and more.

When creating a book cover for an eBook, you still want to be aware of many of these aspects however you do not typically have a spine or a back cover. eBook covers are much smaller than print book covers so you’ll want to take care to “maximize the virtual real estate” so that important, key aspects (author’s name, book title, and design) of your book cover are visible.

If you are an experienced graphic designer you could design your own book cover. If not, it is recommended that you hire an expert to do this for you. When people view your book listing on the Internet, you only have a few short seconds to grab their attention. Having an attractive and compelling eBook cover can draw readers in and you increase the odds of them purchasing, and reading, your book. For an eBook cover, you can expect to pay from $30 (for a simple design) to $300 (for a captivating design).

While it is best to have your covers professionally designed, you can create your eBook cover design in a graphics program. The current dimensions for a Kindle eBook cover are 300 dpi resolution and 1,000 pixel minimum for the height. For a professionally designed cover you can connect with professional designers at sites such as, Elance and 99Designs to name two.

It is important to note that if you plan on offering a print version of your book, that very specific dimensions and specifications are required. Your print book cover design is affected by the exact number of pages in your book and the resolution of the image is much, much higher, than required for an eBook cover. If your book will be available as a print version as well as an eBook version, you will want to focus on creating your print version book cover first as that can be easily resized to use when promoting your eBook.

The next time you are over on Amazon, view the eBook covers and notice which ones draw you in and which ones you pass by. Share your thoughts about the importance of eBook cover design by scrolling down and joining in the conversation.

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Enjoy this Digital Publishing Virtual Tour! May the gems gleaned aid you on your path as you share your message with audiences across the globe!

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D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed., has been marketing online and mentoring leaders since 1994. She is the bestselling author of Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online.

She is the producer of the annual Book Marketing Conference Online and this year’s Digital Publishing Virtual Summit, as well as the founder of the Book Marketing Alliance and the Book Marketing Made Easy Academy. D’vorah coaches and trains authors around the globe, in online book marketing practices.

Join us for the Digital Publishing Virtual Summit! Listen as 20 world-renowned experts share their wisdom.


Profitable Content Creation – How You Can & Should Create Your Own Content for Prospects & Profits

By Guest Blogger: Jeff Herring

Jeff Herring and Felicia Slattery

Jeff Herring and Felicia Slattery

Content creation and content marketing are a great method for building your prospects and your profits. But you don’t have to get that news just from me – a recent issue of Entrepreneur Magazine had this to say about content creation and content marketing:

When it comes to marketing strategies, content marketing has just been crowned king, far surpassing search engine marketing, public relations and even print, television and radio advertising as the preferred marketing tool for today’s business-to-business entrepreneur.

Think about that: bigger than print, radio or television. Bigger than SEO marketing or PR. Don’t you want your share of the prospects and profits from content creation and content marketing?

And since you do, here are 3 reasons you need to be able to do it yourself (at least in the beginning):

Reason 1 – Prospects are attracted to your voice. Whether you have a golden voice made for radio or just the opposite, prospects are attracted to your voice. Because what I mean by “your voice” is the unique way you approach problems. Prospects come on the internet searching for
solutions to their problems. When they hear your voice – how you approach and solve problems – they will be drawn to you like magnet.

Reason 2 – No one else can deliver it like you – Here’s the good news and the reality (nice when those two go together): There are more people out there, eager to hear your message, who can only hear it in your voice, than you can ever get to in your lifetime. No one else has your unique perspective, life experience, knowledge and wisdom. No one else. And there are people out there who need to hear your unique message, who can only hear it from you. To not get it out to them is selfish. Create your content and get it out to them.

Reason 3- You must learn to do it yourself. In the beginning of your business, like so many of us when we began, you will have more time than money. Use that time to learn how to quickly and easily, and with impact, create your own content whenever you want or need. In this way, later on, when you have more money than time, you may want to outsource some of your content creation. Then you will know what to look for when you are looking for someone who can “write in your voice” – which is very hard to find.


Save The Date!

Jeff Herring, has been known as The Internet Article Guy, and has personally taught thousands around the world how to effectively get your

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written messages out so the world can benefit from them and you can make money from them. He was one of my earliest mentors online and I credit much of how I run my business today because of my early work with Jeff Herring. I am proud to host him on a free webinar next week, Thursday December 1, 2011, at 2 PM Eastern / 1 PM Central / 11 AM Pacific / 7 PM GMT. Register now for free right here and discover Jeff Herring’s Content Creation Workshop – Doing It Live!

What is Your Superpower? Discover Your Unique Greatness

It’s inescapable!  The movie screens are sizzling with – that’s right: Superheroes!Super Power

From classics like Ironman and The Hulk, to newcomers like Hancock Wesley from Wanted, and The Spirit, these stars arrest our attention.

Why do these stories hold such power and capture our collective imagination?

Because, behind all the hype – and behind every Superhero blockbuster – lies a timeless tale: the eternal tale that gives all these super-stories their power.

And that’s the story of the hero’s journey.  It is the story – and promise – of realizing our own unrecognized greatness.

Deep inside each of us, there is a knowledge – both a belief, and a calling – that we, too, have special “powers.” Yes, our own super “powers” –
the unique gifts and talents that only we possess and are able to share with the world.

And if we don’t share them, the world won’t have them.

That’s the transcendent story behind all the Superhero tales: a story we instantly recognize and identify as our own.

Sure, we all have flaws as does Hancock who drinks too much before finding his way back to his true purpose.  We may be frustrated like the Hulk who must learn to control and focus his power.  Or, perhaps, as is most common, we may not even realize the amazing gifts that lie inside us, just waiting for us to discover and share them with the world as is the case with the young hero Wesley, in Wanted who was living
a cubicle-contained life before he found a guide to reveal his true powers.

But each of us – that’s right, every single one of us – has a greatness within us.

So, I ask you:

What is your Superpower?

(Hint: If you really think about it, you’ll probably realize you possess more than one.)

Really, take a moment.  Think about it.

Take Time to Discover Your Unique Gifts and Talents -and to Explore Your Life Purpose with these:


  1. Ask trusted friends, current and former colleagues, fellow community leaders what they see as your greatest strengths. Recall what actions and ideas others often compliment you on.  And consider finding a mentor or guide to help you identify and cultivate your powers, purpose and true potential.
  2. Consider what you loved to do as child, and what you imagined “being” when you “grew up.”  Allow yourself to dwell in the creative, miraculous realm of your childlike mind
  3. Recognize what you truly are passionate about (not just what you are “good at doing”).  What activities give you energy the more you spend time engaged in them? What do you find yourself so immersed in that you “lose time?” This deep engagement is often called “flow” by both creativity experts and by elite athletes.
  4. Think beyond your current position to your highest desired job or level of business or work success to what level of power and accomplishment you wish to ascend.
  5. Vividly imagine what true success looks and feels like for you. How quickly do you want to get there? How can you accelerate your success and achieve it on your own terms?
  6. Seek the Highest – Think beyond just your job or work position, and imagine what singular leadership you might bring to your community take time now to envision your ultimate life contribution.
  7. Map Your Trajectory – Your life and career paths are like a series of ever-rising “story arcs” in an expanding spiral of accomplishment and you’re writing your own heroic life story (whether you realize it consciously or not).  Begin to map your life “arcs” one or two steps beyond your current career and community contributions, and identify the first few steps that will shift you to those higher trajectories.
  8. Take Powerful Action on the top 1 or 2 initial steps the highest-potential, immediate impact priorities -and start now to focus your energy and creative power toward reaching your highest vision and full potential.

Share the insights these Superpower Secrets sparked for you in your comments below! Shine a light for others!

2009 is opening a new field of potentials for you to leap – and live – beyond limit.

Like every Superhero who’s gone before you … you want to ascend beyond a mere “job.” You want to make your unique mark.  More than that,
you want to make a difference in the world.  Ask yourself:

  • Does your current work and life allow and encourage you to express your unique gifts and talents?
  • How can you transform your creative gifts and talents into true superpowers of purpose and potential?
  • How long will you wait to begin living your life to that full potential?


Ready to create an AMAZING LIFE, not just a career or business? Then JOIN Felicia and me TUESDAY, Jan. 13 at 7:30 p.m. CT/5:30 p.m . PT or the “AMAZING AWAITS!” Webinar – our GIFT to you (no charge – ALL content!).

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We’ll be sharing specifics about how you can leap to the next level of purpose, profitability and potential – not only at the level of your work or business, but at the level of your ultimate life contribution … your LEGACY.

Julie Ann

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