[ECM Client Feature]: Dr. Linette Montae: One Size Does NOT Fit All!

Dr. Linette Montae is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and award winning business results strategist who, for the past 20 years, has coached business owners in a variety of service industries.  On stage, online and in her community, you can find Dr. Montae helping speakers, trainers and messengers make more money with less stress by … Read more

[ECM Client Feature]: Michelle Sanchez: Show People You Genuinely Care

Michelle’s experience includes running a multi-million dollar company and owning her own business as a Professional Organizer. After an accident and long-term illness, her journey to health led her to discover natural health alternatives, which in turn led her to discover income alternatives as a Direct Sales-Network Marketing Professional/Coach/Consultant/Trainer/Speaker as well as a Health & Weight … Read more

[ECM Client Feature]: Sharon Gibson: Encourage and Empower Others

Sharon Gibson is a published writer with stories in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series as well as other anthologies. She created an online writing course, “How to Write for Fun and Profit.” She’s the author of the forthcoming book, “From Stuck to Success in Your Writing.” She also initiated the “Stuck to Success” … Read more

[ECM Client Feature]: Brian Wright: Be True to Yourself

Brian Wright, “The Other M.D.” ™ Business building and marketing strategy is engrained in Brian’s DNA, which is only one reason he has changed the landscape for physicians. The other reasons are a bit more personal. Within a 15-month time span, Brian endured 3 traumatic events; losing an un-born son, 17 weeks into pregnancy with … Read more

[ECM Client Feature]: Phil Brakefield: Speak in Your Own Voice and Serve

Phil Brakefield is a published author, speaker, consultant and trainer with 40+ years of experience in serving the independent hardware store trade through his company, UniSource. Phil is called the “Wizard of Widgets” and “Guru of Garments”…titles earned because of his unmatched expertise in both the promotional products and apparel categories. In his spare time, … Read more