Creating REAL Relationships – New Book Announcement AND LinkedIn Training

Last week I took to Facebook Live to make an announcement about my next book I am in the process of writing called The REAL Relationship Challenge. You can watch it yourself here and discover what to do and how it feels when you’re in a REAL relationship:   As I mentioned in the video, … Read more

A Better Way to Take a Compliment about Your Speaking

You just delivered your Signature Speech, got off stage and now there’s a line of people waiting to talk to you about what you just shared. Inevitably, someone will compliment you on some aspect of your speech and you might be tempted to say “thanks but…” “Thanks, but I really could have delivered the close … Read more

Communicating Your Guiding Principles

Yesterday I was at an event where I had the honor of sharing lunch with and learning from Hugh Ballou, leadership expert and CEO Space faculty member. Ballou has been written about in Forbes magazine, and is the author of several books where he shares leadership lessons from his more than 40 years as a … Read more

How NOT To Get Clients from Social Media

I’d like to introduce you to Faydra Koenig, America’s Crisis Coach. Faydra is a fantastic coach who I met in the past couple of years and during that time, as we’ve come to know one another mainly through social media, but also at live work events like NAMS and this past weekend at our mutual … Read more

[Creating Connections] 7 Tips for Face-to-Face Meeting Success

Creating Connections Ezine, ¬©Felicia J. Slattery // ISSN 1939-8646 // Volume 10 – Issue 5 Inside this Edition: Note from Felicia Speaker’s Spotlight Feature Article Upcoming Events Marketplace Last week my family enjoyed our spring break in East Tennessee visiting my wonderful in-laws, celebrating my husband’s 40th birthday, and playing at Dollywood, one of our … Read more

[Creating Connections] Are You An Author, A Speaker, or An Expert?

Creating Connections Ezine, ¬©Felicia J. Slattery // ISSN 1939-8646 // Volume 10 – Issue 4 Inside this Edition: Note from Felicia Feature Article Upcoming Events Marketplace Top O’ The Mornin’ To You! Last weekend we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a fantastic feast at my sister’s house. We all dressed up in our green and … Read more