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Announcing: Logo Design Contest!

ContestEach day I take one step closer to having the technical aspects of my new membership program fully functional and ready for members to take it for a test run!

This week, the current members decided on a name:

Communication Success Network

Do you love it?

I think it’s a perfect fit.  The program itself delivers a lot of content, loads of hands on value from me, and a whole heap of active networking and support from me and all the members.

The goal? For small, home-based business owners to see success in their business.  And I truly and fully believe that without effective communication skills, you cannot have a successful business.  Follow the bouncing ball:

Effective communication leads to great marketing.
Great marketing will lead to getting more prospects.
Getting more prospects leads to getting more clients.
Getting more clients means getting more cash flow.
Getting more cash flow means:

living the life of your dreams,

with the flexibility you want,

the time to be with those you love most,

and ultimate freedom!

It all comes back to effective communication.  And THAT’S what this group coaching membership is all about!

So now that we have a name, I need a visual identity to go with the name.

Here are the simple rules:

  1. Anyone can enter. You may submit up to 3 entries per entrant.
  2. Contest begins February 25, 2009 and continues through March 4, 2009.  All entries must be submitted by March 4, 2009 at Noon CST.  All entries submitted after that date and time will not be considered.
  3. All entries must be submitted via email using jpg file format to contest [at] communicationtransformation [dot] com.
  4. Entrants are limited only by their own creativity.  If you would like to use my branded colors and images, look no further than this blog or my main website for inspiration.
  5. Your entry should include both a logo and your vision for the accompanying page header featuring the logo.
  6. You must incorporate the full name: Communication Success Network.  Optional (and not at all required): use my name Felicia Slattery or my photo (grab it from here!).
  7. Don’t email asking me for technical specs.  I have no idea.  Whatever I can use on a website.  My tech team leader is fabulous– she’ll be able to make just about anything work.


  1. Preliminary judging to be done by all current group members.  (Construction Zone pricing still in effect for a LIMITED time — join here.)
  2. Top 3 nominations will be voted on by blog visitors for a 24-hour period (exact date as yet to be determined).
  3. Winner will be announced the week of March 9, 2009.
  4. In the event of a tie, I reserve the right to select the winner.


  1. Grand prize designer receives: (1) free membership for one full year in the Communication Success Network, a $1764.00 value.  (2) A recommendation and a one-way link to your website from my main site’s resources page.  (3) A glowing testimonial from me for you to use as you wish in your marketing.
  2. Second and third prize designers receive (1) A recommendation and a one-way link to your website from my main site’s resources page.  (2) A glowing testimonial from me for you to use as you wish in your marketing.
  3. All finalist designers will receive promotion to my list of subscribers and Twitter followers (approx 6,000 total).  If you don’t have a Twitter ID yet — get one.  Finalists will easily add a bunch of followers during this contest.

Truth be told — this is my first contest.  I think I’ve included everything, but I may have inadvertently left something you need to know out (a designer I am NOT).  Post any questions of clarification in the comments section.

I’m looking forward to some gorgeous and creative logo designs!  Let the designing begin!

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