How I Won The Smoky Mountain Chapter of the Association for Talent Development’s Thrown Down Contest

Moving to a new town can be a challenge. Moving to a new town after living in the same area for almost all your life can be daunting. Moving to a new town, and trying to break into the business scene where literally NO ONE knows you could lead to professional suicide. Sounds like fun! … Read more

Getting in the Media 5 Times in One Week – Whew.

Call it a dress rehearsal for my upcoming nationwide launch of my next book,¬†Kill the Elevator Speech: Stop Selling, Start Connecting later this year. Except that will be carefully planned and orchestrated. You see dress rehearsals are on my mind because last weekend was also my script-writing, stage production, and directorial debut for my daughters’ … Read more

Iced Tea and Hot Marketing Tips from Bob The Teacher and Felicia Slattery

Earlier this week I mentioned that my friend, Bob The Teacher Jenkins was in town staying at my home for what turned out to be a 3-day VIP mutual intensive work session with some fun and family games thrown in the middle. Bob even taught my 5th grader, Gracie, all about binary and hexidecimal numbers. … Read more

Public Speaking on Video: NOT Talking Heads

When you create an online course, your purpose is to get people interested enough to sign up, right? Well… here’s a lesson I learned about that just last week that I thought I’d share with you. It seems the language I was using for my upcoming Speaking on Video Boot Camp 2.0 program was actually … Read more

Finally! He Dressed the Part!

In July 2008, I attended my first Internet marketing conference. That was my introduction to a whole new world, live and in person. Because of events that happened at that 3-day conference in Chicago, within a couple weeks I was quickly propelled to success in the Internet marketing crowd, being interviewed on radio shows by … Read more